Our Favorite Places to Sleep Under the Stars Around Boston, MA

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Boston. This northeastern city is known throughout the nation for its distinct and storied character, a presence in all facets of American history, arts and industry. With so much going on and so much to see among its streets and stories, we understand Boston can prove quite the challenging city when it comes to narrowing down travel plans. Read on for some of our favorite places to sleep under the stars and enjoy nature around this historic city on a hill.

Boston Harbor Islands

For a destination that has some of the best of Massachusetts and Boston’s heritage, come to the Boston Harbor Islands, a location boasting Civil War forts, historic lighthouses, tide pools, hiking trails, campsites, stargazing areas, fishing, picnicking, and swimming areas, all a short distance from downtown Boston! These thirty four islands and peninsulas are the storied and diverse canvas for your outdoor plans, a great choice for a daytime getaway, an addition to the tighter itinerary or even the getaway from your getaway for a day or two. Bring your party to the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area where the views and natural beauty are only matched by the fun.

Cape Cod National Seashore

For those who are residing in the Boston area a little longer or have made their stay outdoors-oriented, the trip to Cape Cod is well worth it. Here at Cape Cod National Seashore, travelers will delight in the scope of activities at this national icon, with its series of picturesque hiking trails, canoeing areas, fishing, hunting, strolling, and stargazing areas! Far from the bustle of urban New England, the beach skies are long and clear, providing ample stargazing for both the enthusiast astronomer or those wanting to participate in starlight navigation. 

Wompatuck State Park

For a great camping experience where travelers can enjoy hiking, sightseeing, animal photography, and the rustic charm of the Massachusetts outdoors, Wompatuck State Park is your destination. This State Park features over 3,526 acres of forest, streams, and ponds, a massive campground, bountiful miles of non-motorised roads and forest trails. Bring your party here to Wompatuck State Park for a great experience year-round.

Quincy Quarries Reservation

For a stargazing venue far removed from the ground and for those wanting a bit of a challenge, may we suggest Quincy Quarries Reservation. This is the birthplace of America’s storied large scale granite quarrying industry, now a relic of its past and a popular rock climbing destination! This is a great location for teams and solo travelers alike, and provides satisfying views over Boston and Massachusetts from the tops of the quarries. 

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