Our Favorite things to do on New Year’s Eve in Boston, MA

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Boston, Massachusetts. Benjamin Franklin, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John F. Kennedy, Samuel Morse and King Bhumibol the Great are just some of the names that come from this city.  Its history includes the B, Harvard and MIT, the birth of Facebook, Spock and our incumbent Captain America, The City on a Hill has a lot to its name. ( And we hadn’t mentioned the Clam Chowder yet! ) With so much to see, it might be hard to figure out where to start. To narrow down the options, read on for our favorite things to do on New Year’s Eve in Boston. 

First Night Boston

One of Boston’s more exciting longtime traditions, First Night Boston has been a spectacle of live music, dance, song, lights and sculptures among many other things since 1975! If you’ll be around Boston during the New Year, this is an easy option- the city’s premier New Year’s Eve event also includes comedy shows, fireworks, programs put on by local churches and theatres, and crafts. Whether as a date night, an outing with friends and family or somewhere alive with the New Year’s spirit for a solo traveller, First Night Boston is a great choice for all. 

Fireworks at Boston Harbour

Of all the firework shows in Boston over the New Year, what better place to watch the lights than in historic Boston Harbor? Watch the explosions and sights over the harbor as generations of Americans have enjoyed, among the bustling and storied faces and streets of Boston Harbor! This is a great way to end ( or start ) a night of New Year’s celebration, and also is a good photo opportunity for all parties to capture this special moment amid a number of historic and famed locations. 

New Year’s Cruises

Take to the waters in a variety of seafaring options and experiences and sail into the New Year on a New Year’s Cruise! Whether as a relaxing, quiet sightseeing trip out away from the lights and sounds of the city or as a bit of a party on the seas, a New Year’s Cruise is a great choice for travelers seeking a number of different experiences. These are especially great options for groups and larger families, and is also a way for visitors to see so much of the city while celebrating the New Year.

New  Year’s Boston Harborwalk

Along Boston’s waterfront is a historic and famous stroll along a number of iconic and important institutions, locations and sights. For a couple’s night out, an activity for the whole group or for the solo sightseer, Boston’s Harborwalk comes to life with lights, sculptures and songs of the New Year that makes for a magical experience. Enjoy walking into the New Year along this path of photo opportunities, sights and sound here at Boston’s Harborwalk. 

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