Outdoor activities near Boston MA

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Spending time doing outdoor activities can be a tremendous amount of fun, not to mention how invigorating it can feel being outside, getting some fresh air, or being out in nature. Because of how important it is to get involved in outdoor activities, we have put together a little guide below of outdoor activities near Boston MA, so if you do live in the area, you can take full advantage of what is around you.


There are 34 islands in total at the Boston Harbour Islands National Park, and you can take a ferry out to visit a few of them. A few of the islands have certain amenities, but most don’t so make sure you take a drink, some snacks, and ensure that you don’t need the bathroom. Each island is quite unique and all of them have their own features, and of course, history.


There are few things on earth that are more enthralling or exhilarating as whale watching, and any of you living near to Boston are lucky enough to be able to take a whale watching tour! This three-hour experience lets you immerse yourself in the whale pods, and if you are lucky enough you may also get to catch a glimpse of dolphins or other sea life.


At Harvard University you will find Arnold Arboretum which is essentially a museum of trees. Wait, don’t give scroll down just yet, it’s far more magnificent than we could have you believe. This preserve featuring more than 280 acres of trees, that change beautifully with each season, is truly a sight to behold. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but you can also learn about the trees and a huge range of other plants, this place is a nature lover’s dream.


For a relaxing and serene ride around the lagoon of Boston Public Garden, this ride is most definitely worth taking. Once you have taken in the sights and sounds of the garden themselves, you can head off and jump into the wooden platoons to slowly have a different kind of adventure.


Probably one of the most famous outdoor activities in this city, the Freedom Trail is a historical event to beat all others in the area. You can walk the trail on your own if you a well organized with your sights, or book a guided tour and get the full experience. Wander through the city and see some of the most historical artifacts and areas of the last 400 years. During the tour, you will be inundated with knowledge, trivia, and of course, humor, as you get to fully know this great city.

Boston is home to some of the greatest historical events on America’s calendar, and there are so many great outdoor activities you can take part in, where you can not only learn about the city but have fun while you’re doing it as well.

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