What to Do at the Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts

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If you’re in Boston and looking for a bit of adventure, come and check out the Franklin Park Zoo! They have reduced their admission prices as they’ve closed their indoor exhibits for the time being, however, the Franklin Park Zoo invites you to come and see the animals in the fresh outdoors. Prices begin for adults at $10.95 per person. For Seniors over 62, the price is $9.95. Children from 2-12 are $7.95, while babies under 2 years old are free. You can also purchase a membership for $85 for one adult, $100 for two adults or 1 adult and a guest, $125 for a family of 2 adults and 4 children, $150 for family plus of 2 adults, 4 children, and 2 guests of any age.

The Franklin Park Zoo has several upcoming virtual events in February, such as breakfast with the animals and ZOOcation Day. These events are completely virtual but require pre-registration. Breakfast with the animals allows you to go behind the scenes and watch some of your favorite zoo animals get breakfast as you learn about their habitat and lifestyle.

ZOOcation Day is held over several days of the week virtually, allowing one to get to know the animals up-close-and-personal, including activities with an eye for education, and learning how to be a zookeeper. These classes teach what it takes to care for zoo animals, and how different and unique they all are. You’ll learn about camouflage, an animal’s natural defenses, and meet animals such as owls and snakes.

If you’d like to experience an animal in person, the Franklin Park Zoo offers behind-the-scenes tours for their red panda exhibit. This animal, also known as the bearcat, the firefox, or the first panda is an ancient species that is unique within the animal kingdom. Registration is required, and the price of admission goes toward the zoo’s commitment to protect these precious red pandas, as well as all kinds of other endangered species. The price for admission to this event is $200 for a 30-minute group tour. Ages 6 and up are welcome.

The Franklin Park Zoo boasts an enormous playground for the children! Come on down and let them play and swing and slide all the while making sure proper social distancing is practiced. There are never enough opportunities to play at the zoo!

If you’re looking to shop for that perfect souvenir, the zoo has you covered! From zoo-themed apparel to plushy toys to games to water bottles to books to pins to hats and more, everything you’ll want to remember your trip to the zoo is available for purchase. If you’re hungry while at the zoo, try the Giddy-Up Grill, which offers burgers, wraps, sandwiches, fries, pizzas, and salads. There’s something for even the pickiest of eaters at the grill.

On your next trip to Boston, visit the Franklin Park Zoo and enjoy the beauty of nature as you take in the great outdoors!

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