Aquariums and aquatic life around Carnegie Hill, NYC

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Carnegie Hill. In this dynamic neighborhood, with its diverse collection of Museums, notable architecture, activities, and residents from all walks of life there seems to be so much to do and see. Whether you’re visiting the neighborhood, stopping by the area to see friends and family, or are a local resident, at first you might worry about having to go far to see nature and aquatic life. Thankfully, we can say this is not the case. Read on for some of our favorite aquariums, parks, and places to watch aquatic life around Carnegie Hill.

Central Park Zoo

Just a walk through Central Park and visitors arrive at the neighboring Central Park Zoo, one of the premier attractions for generations of New Yorkers to see and learn about the wonders of animals, land, and sea. Here, famous faces like the chinstrap penguin, king penguin, macaroni penguin, gentoo penguin, California sea lion, grizzly bear, and snow monkey reside in a series of habitats, some of New York’s most interesting and eccentric residents. The California sea lions here have regular feeding shows, and love to show off their smarts to the crowds. The four species of penguin and the tufted puffins also have regular feeding shows, with their lovable antics above water and below for all to see. Aside from these close-up looks, there is also a 4-D Theater, where groups can experience nature programming and family films.

Shakespeare Garden & Turtle Pond

Shakespeare bookworms, wildlife enthusiasts, and bird watchers alike will delight in the Shakespeare Garden and neighboring Turtle Pond, a calm corner of Central Park affording views of some of New York’s most enchanting flora and fauna. Cultivated in the fashion of an English garden, take a walk through the imagination of everything Shakespeare in this gorgeous park, complete with plaques and references to his works and his most avid fans. Since Shakespeare’s death in 1616, New Yorkers have enjoyed this tranquil homage to the author, and today continues to be a gathering point for his fans, and anyone who is looking for a lush landscape. Whether to explore the works of Shakespeare in a truly unique manner, stay somewhere quiet for a while, go on a date in nature, or just looking for a great spot to take pictures, the Shakespeare Garden has you covered. 

The Turtle Pond owes its name to, well, the massive numbers of Turtles that call this part of Central Park home! Red-eared sliders, snapping turtles, painted turtles, musk turtles, and box turtles all reside here year-round, as well as a number of (illegally) released pets who have started a new life here in the green heart of New York City. This point of Central Park is a great place to see the variety of turtle species local to New York City, as well as admire the exterior of Belvedere Castle from a distance.

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