Outdoor activities near Carnegie Hill Manhattan NY

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Even though it is surely the preference of most people to do outdoor activities in the best weather possible, this isn’t always an option. During the winter months, you might feel like sending the whole time curled by the fire in your slippers, but there are so many wonderful outdoor activities in New York City during this time, that you’d be crazy to miss out. Check out our list below of some of the things to do near Carnegie Hill Manhattan NY in the winter.


The city comes alive with winter markets during this time, and there are few activities outside more comforting than heading to one of these and having a slow walk through the stalls as you sip on a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Some of the most well-known markets are heald in Bryant Park, Union Square, and Columbus Circle, but there are lots more options on top. Eat some homemade festive food, check out the hand made gifts, and get into the holiday spirit with the music and lights.


Ice skating is a classic winter outdoor activity that everyone loves, and fortunately, New York City is full of rinks during the winter months. Wherever you live, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find a rink near you where you can spend the afternoon skating with your friends as the sun goes down.


Shopping can be counted as an outdoor activity, right? Well, either way, we’re taking it because there is something so incredibly special about shopping in the winter in the city. With the lights illuminate every shop window, ice rinks in the parks, and Christmas trees standing tall throughout, shopping at this time feels more like an experience than just a regular shopping trip.


Do you have kids who want to spend their time outside every time it snows? Or maybe you want to feel like a kid again because let’s face it, sledding in the snow is always fun. While a lot of the city might be long flat roads, if you head up to places like Prospect Park, Morningside Park, or Van Courtlandt Park, you will find lots of steep hills and great places to set your sled up.


Okay, so the New York City Ballet perform all throughout the year, so it isn’t a winter-only activity perse, however, the show does change during this time and it is your only opportunity in the year to see the Nutcracker. This classic show will warm your heart, and make the end f the year even more special. There’s a reason why this show is known the world over, so be sure to treat yourself to a viewing the next time you can.

We don’t need to tell you how packed with outdoor activities New York is any time of the year, in fact, it’s this aspect that means there is literally never a bad time to visit, so try and squeeze as many activities in this winter.

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