Best Coffee Shops in Chicago IL

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Chicago is a busy place, it is full of people rushing around for all sorts of reasons, it can be easy get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city, and when it all becomes a bit too overwhelming, then is the time to take a minute and grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the moment. So, whether you are a resident of the city looking for a new favorite hangout, or a visitor in need of a great tasting coffee, we have you covered with our list below of the best coffee shops in Chicago.

Two Hearted Queen

The Two Hearted Queen is all about coffee, tea, and community. The decor of this place is so warm and welcoming that it implores you to stay longer. The idea of this coffee house was born when the owners first met and fell in love, over one of their shared passions for coffee. The love this couple has for each other has been put in the coffee shop itself and all the products that are served. There is something so delightfully romantic about this place, that it’s hard to stay away. Read their full story at the link below and check them over when you are passing by.

Address: 1201 West Roscoe Street

Chicago, IL 60657


Sip of Hope

If you are from the local area then you may have heard of this coffee shop being mentioned before. Sip of Hope is special in that the proceeds from this place go toward the prevention of suicide and mental health education. The owners are true lights in the dark, and serve delicious coffee and sweet treats to not only make your day better but to make someone else’s day better too. There is no other sure-fire way to get a guaranteed tasty cup of Joe, and a mouthwatering snack, and help out the community at the same time. Everything about this place is remarkable, and they are well worth the visit whenever you can make it – read more about them and the ways in which your custom helps other people by checking out their website below.

Address: 3039 West Fullerton Avenue

Chicago, IL 60647


CC Ferns Coffee Bar & Spirits

Great customer service? Yes. Beautiful and unique decor? Absolutely. A massive selection of different coffee blends and combinations? Of course! The highly-trained baristas at CC Ferns are always on their A-game, and this is truly a beautiful place to come. The reputation of CC Ferns speaks for itself and once you visit and try out something from their menu, even if it isn’t the coffee, then you’ll be telling all out friends about it too.

Address: 2806 West Augusta Blvd

Chicago, IL 60622

It is easy to lose your way in a city or forget to stop and take a minute for yourself, but the next time you need a moment away from reality, head into one of our picks and have the coffee you love and deserve.

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