Renting Ebikes in Chicago

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Electric bikes, also known as ebikes, are gaining traction as a fun and exciting mode of recreation in Chicago. These bikes assist the rider while pedaling, making your ride smooth and effortless wherever you happen to go.

Chicago recently passed an ordinance in 2019 that declares all low-speed electronic bikes as “bicycles”, which means they not classified as a moped or a scooter and are still allowed on bike paths and trails. For adults, bike helmets are not required to ride an ebike, however, it is strongly encouraged for children to wear helmets while operating bicycles of any kind. Several shops rent ebikes in Chicago, and we’re here to help you find them. All pertinent links will be provided below!

Bobby’s Bike Hike rents electronic bikes either by half a day or a full day. For a half-day, which is four hours or less, pricing begins at $64.75, however for the whole day, you’ll pay $85.75. It is better for your pocketbook and for your sense of adventure to rent your ebike all day. This shop takes online reservations, and if you do reserve your ebike online, these rates are discounted 10%!

Another shop in Chicago renting ebikes is Samcycle Electric Bikes. This shop is a ride-and-try shop, meaning, if you’d like to purchase the electric bike, they will apply the cost of your rental toward the cost of the ebike. For an all-day rental, the fee is $80, and rentals should be made online or by phone. All rentals must be returned by 5pm on the day of rental. If you’d like to simply rent your ebike and go on a ride, you can do that too!

For some great bike trails, we have a couple great suggestions. First, you’ll want to ride on the Green Bay Trail, with 8.9 miles of gorgeous scenery to encounter. It is a mixture of concrete, asphalt, and crushed stone, of which all are no match for your rented ebike. If you have young riders with you, this is the trail to ride as it’s amazingly easy with little to no hills, sharp corners, or obstacles of any kind.

Another trail for you to try would be the Deer Grove Forest Preserve Trails. These trails total 13.6 miles altogether, and the ride itself meanders through prairie, wetlands, and woods alike. Come and watch the wildlife as you ride on a paved path for novices, or an unpaved trail for more experienced mountain bikers. If you want to take an ebike journey in all nature has to offer, this is the trail for you.

There is no shortage of ebike rentals or bike trails in Chicago. If you’re looking for something new and fun to do while you’re in town, rent an electric bicycle and experience all the beauty of Illinois!

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