The Professional Sports Teams of Chicago

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Chicago is undoubtedly a popular city for people to visit, and we are sure that it is on the list of places to see for a lot of keen travelers; there is a fantastic atmosphere in the city, and the wonderful food and architecture make it all the better. One of the biggest aspects that draws many people to the city, however, is the list of infamous professional sports teams that are known all around the world. Sports play a huge role in the city, and you will seldom meet a person who lives there who doesn’t spend a large number of hours each year watching their team in action, whether at home or in person. So, read on to find out the best bits of some of Chicago’s greatest sports teams.

Chicago Bulls

Arguably one of the most famous basketball teams in America, the Chicago Bulls have had huge amounts of success in their history, with Michael Jordan potentially being their biggest star to date, leading them to achieve great things during the 90’s, and in turn, have garnered a huge number of fans. In 1966, the club formed and was the first professional basketball team for the city. They started out strong, setting the record for the most amount of game wins for an expansion team during their first season. This was short-lived, and during the seventies and early eighties, the Bull’s playing could be described as average at best, qualifying for the playoffs during these years but they never made it past the first round except for twice. Michael Jordan joined the club in 1984, but he wasn’t an immediate hit, the Bulls didn’t suddenly have a change of luck and the mediocrity continued. It took the addition of a new player (Scottie Pippen) who played in harmony with Jordan, and a new coach before the Bulls started to see results. The team finally came together and the results were huge, during the nineties the Chicago Bulls won the NBA finals six times. Michael Jordan quit in the mid-nineties and returned before quitting basketball again in the late nineties, and unfortunately, the club’s success was never the same again; Jordan was truly a key player in the team and in the world of basketball. Since then the Bulls have had highs and lows, going through several spells of struggling to it to the playoffs, but always managing to qualify once again. It’s true that they have never reached close to the triumphs that they experienced in the nineties but they are a strong-willed team that have never lost sight of winning again.

The Chicago balls currently play at the United Center, a stadium named after United Airlines who are their sponsor. It is located at 1901 West Madison Street in Chicago, and on the east side of the stadium you can check out a statue of Michael Jordan!

Chicago Bears

If you are interested in the NFL then you will have heard about the Chicago Bears a thousand times, having won a Super Bowl and eight Championships in the NFL during their history, the Bears are one most successful American Football teams to ever exist. Originally, the team was called the Decatur Staleys when it was established in 1920, named after the area Decatur, and the founder A. Staley. After just one year, Staley gave the club to the coach George Halas, and the name of the team was changed to the Bear in 1922. Throughout the next thirty years, the Bears had a strong team, being lead to victory by the likes of Sid Luckman and Bronko Nagurski for seven of their eight NFL Championships during the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. The Chicago Bears have had a varying amount of success since all these years ago, they have gone through years of not making the playoffs, and other years of achieving better results, even winning the Super Bowl in 1985. The team has undergone many changes over the years with not only the players but also the coaches, and in 2018 a new head coach was appointed after the Bears suffered four consecutive years of huge game losses. The new head coach Matt Nagy has already had a positive impact on the team and it looks like the Bears will finally start having more wins than losses.

If you are interested in visiting the stadium or catching a game then head to Soldier Field, 1410 South Museum Campus Drive, Chicago, to see their home ground for yourself!

Chicago Cubs

Nicknamed the Cubbies, the Cubs are Chicago’s professional baseball team. The team was first formed in 1876, and despite being around for a long time, the team have experienced an underwhelming amount of success; however, despite only winning the world series three times in the last 143 years, in 1907, 1908, and 2016, the club is noted to have an extremely loyal base, and still holds a high level of popularity among baseball fans. Since its establishment, the team has gone through a few names, including the Orphans, Colts, and White Stockings, before eventually settling on the Cubs in 1903. Their early victories gave them the record for the first team in the NBL to win in consecutive years and was a huge part of the Cub’s popularity. However, after these early years, the Cubs went on to play some of the worst baseball in the league year and year, and they ending up earning the record for going the longest amount of time between winning a world series with theirs being 108 years since their most recent win and the win before that. It is clear that the Cubs and the fans have gone through hundreds of disappointments and losses during their time, but neither the team nor the fans ever lose faith.

Chicago is not only one of the best cities to visit for pizza, history or architecture fans, it is also one of the greatest cities in the country for sports fans where, no matter your sports preference, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

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