Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Midway Chicago IL

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When traveling it is always a good idea to collect memories as you go; this is why we take pictures, buy souvenirs, or even keep receipts, it is all part of not wanting to forget those special moments. So, if you are traveling and are near Midway, IL, and want to pick up some souvenirs, then read on for our list of the best place in the area where you can do just that.

Discover Chicago

Located inside Midway International Airport, Discover Chicago is the ideal place to pick up some last-minute souvenirs and gifts of the city. Whether you have forgotten to pick them up during your trip or you just didn’t have time, be sure to browse their selection and stock up before you board your plane. Despite this store being inside the airport the prices are not unreasonable, so check them out and see what you can find.

Address: Midway International Airport

5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL

Gifts Dlx

Conveniently situated inside the Ford City Mall, this store is clean, organized and full of souvenirs and trinkets that you will want from your trip. The staff are extremely friendly and are eager to help you find anything you need to leave as a happy customer.

Address: Ford City Mall

7601 S Cicero Ave, Chicago

IL 60652

Ollie’s Novelties

Ollie’s Novelties is a fantastic store stocked with everything to make you feel like a tourist. There is a great assortment of merchandise so you can be sure to find something for all your needs. The prices are extremely lower than you would expect for the area. For friendly service with a smile and all the souvenirs you could want, check out Ollie’s Novelties at the address below.

Address: 6356 S Pulaski Rd

Chicago, IL 60629

Dany’s Gift Shop

Sometimes there are so many places to choose from that you can feel overwhelmed, however, Dany’s Gift Shop is one of the places you should add to your list. This independent business has an array of goods and souvenirs representing the city and the local area, and you are sure to find what you need. The prices are reasonable, and as with all small shops, you will receive top-class customer service.

Address: 6139 S Archer Rd

Summit, IL 60501

Life Is Good

As with the store at the top of this article, this is another one located inside Midway International Airport. It is good to find a gift shop at the airport before you go home, and it is even better to find two. Between these two stores, you will certainly find all the gifts and souvenirs that you are looking for to put a positive end to your trip. Life Is Good specializes in clothing and other apparel, and while the prices reflect the airport location, the quality of the goods is very high.

Address: Midway International Airport

5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL

Never forget this beautiful city with some souvenirs to serve as permanent reminders!

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