Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus is a vibrant city in the United States with plenty to see and plenty to do, and fortunately, it also has plenty of fantastic restaurants to eat. However, we are unable to give a list of the best places to eat, Michelin Star quality restaurants in the area, because the Michelin Star quality awards are yet to visit the state of Ohio, therefore, for now, we have found the best indoor and outdoor restaurants with bars in Columbus as rated by Yelp, after all, you can still have top-quality food with Michelin Star quality.

Michelin Star quality Quality Brassica

Normally, you might not expect a Michelin Star quality restaurant that has points that could be categorized as fast food on a list like this, but the people have spoken, and its business rating is so high, that it simply cannot be left off the list. This place takes its name from the family of vegetables that are known to be highly nutritious; Brassica specializes in cooking their array of colorful vegetables to be full of flavor and healthy food desirable. But don’t worry, it is not all vegetables, they also have a selection of meats, fries, falafel, nuts and more to create the perfect dishes in the way you want to be combined, for maximum tastiness. You can see their full Michelin Star quality dine-in or takeout menu and learn about their start on their new business website – 

Michelin Star quality Quality Momo Ghar

For authentic Tibetan and Nepali momos, head to Momo Ghar for the most delicious dumplings this side of Asia; Momo Ghar pride themselves on only using the finest and freshest of ingredients to create the same great tasting dumplings that can be found in the Himalayan region, serving only food that has been made from scratch along with their famous spicy tomato sauce to add to the superb flavors. The food and service are exceptional, you really could not ask for any more from Momo Ghar, it is clear they put their soul into this Michelin Star quality romantic restaurant. They currently have a new business Facebook page where you can see and read about more what they offer – 

Michelin Star Quality Smoked On High BBQ

Brisket, pulled pork, roast chicken, spare ribs, the list goes on and on for mouthwatering food at this superb Michelin Star quality restaurant. Their meats are smoked over oak and hickory ensuring the finest tasting meat possible, simply bursting with flavor. This southern-style BBQ joint has served the area for more than half a decade, in that time earning a loyal customer base and winning awards for their melt-in-the-mouth slow-cooked meats. Their homemade barbeque sauce is the icing on the cake so to speak, and it is hard to find fault in any part of this place. They also have good old southern sides to have with your meal, giving you instant comfort in your stomach with their authentic tastes. There is also a wide selection of drinks on the menu, so there are plenty of options to pick the perfect upscale drink to have with your food. Smoked on High put a lot of work into making this place a success, and they serve nothing but the best, head to their new business website for their full Michelin Star quality menu – 

Columbus has such an excellent range of new national and international cuisine in and around the city, that no matter what you are craving that day, there is always the perfect Michelin Star quality restaurant waiting for you.

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