Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Columbus, OH

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For fifty years, cities all over the world have arranged events and marches in honor of the LGBT community during June: the month of Pride. This is a time for members of the LGBT community, or allies of the community to celebrate and recognize the visibility and equality of those who are part of this group.

The first-ever Pride March in Columbus, OH, was in June 1981 and it had a humble start with just 200 people in attendance. It was a time of fear, many attendees worried about retribution for their actions and even concealed themselves by wearing bags and masks. Now, 39 years later celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Columbus, OH is a little different. In 2019 over 13,000 people marched the parade alongside event organizers, sponsors, business owners, government officials, activists, and celebrities. Last year was marked as the biggest to date with over 850,000 people in attendance which is a stark contrast to the very first one.


There are gatherings, parties, and events throughout most of the city during June. Some of the most popular ways for people to celebrate can be found below.


The annual Columbus Pride Parade aims to bring together the LGBT community, allies, and supporters to join together for the rights and justice for all who are still oppressed, unheard, and also to celebrate the collective accomplishments and remember the efforts of those who fought for equality. Whilst the parade is there as a reminder it is also a huge celebration with music, bands, and floats. The parade starts at the intersection of High Street and Goodale Street.


The Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival grows year upon year. You are in for a treat, head to Genoa Park & Bicentennial Park and be prepared to be dazzled by musical performances, amazing food trucks, drag shows, stalls, vendors and so much more. The date of the festival varies, but it is usually held in the middle of the month and goes on from Friday through Sunday so be prepared to party all weekend.


A huge party to be celebrated in style held at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Columbus. Throw on your rainbow-colored clothes and pull out your dancing shoes because you are in for an afternoon of the best that pride has to offer, from celebrity guests to huge name drag artists, you can dance the night away with your friends.


The annual Jaeger Run for Pride raises money and awareness. All the proceeds go to benefit the local LGBT civic groups in the area.

Remember these are just some of the highlights in the city. There are over a hundred activities planned throughout Pride Month, from small local events to big celebrations for thousands of peoples. The range is broad, from inspirational speakers, a look through the history of Pride, marches, runs, parties and even pageants, there is something for everyone who wants to take part and show their support of the LGBT community and its message.

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