Columbus, Ohio Electric Bike Rentals

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Electric bikes, or ebikes as they are more commonly known, are gaining more and more popularity in cities all across the country. Columbus, Ohio is no different! Ebikes are built just like a regular bicycle with a twist. These pedal-driven vehicles have an electronic motor that helps to assist the rider with their pedaling. This makes for ease of riding on hard trails, up hills, or to keep one from becoming sweaty from a long or hard ride.

Ohio law does not recognize ebikes in the same vein as scooters or mopeds, which means ebikes are allowed on all bike paths and trails. However, they are not allowed on specific trails used exclusively for hiking or horseback riding, nor are they allowed on sidewalks. Since they are classified as bicycles, they are required to be ridden within bike lanes in the city while obeying all traffic laws. Helmets should be worn, but driver’s licenses are not needed to operate them.

There are plenty of shops around the Columbus, Ohio area that sells ebikes, such as Orbit City Bikes and BikeSource, yet the best way to rent ebikes throughout Columbus would be the CoGo Bikeshare. This service has over 80 stations all across Columbus with 600+ bicycles and ebikes to choose from. How does this work? You can become a member online or buy an hourly pass or a day pass from their website. With a QR code, then unlock the ebike you wish to rent and ride around the city! When you are done, simply return your bike at any available kiosk and go your way. An annual membership is $75, while a single one-way trip is $2, and a day pass is $8. This is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to rent ebikes in Columbus!

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Need advice on what trails to ride? We have a few great suggestions. First up, the Alum Creek Greenway Trail is an asphalt and concrete trail that’s 23.9 miles long. This one winds through urban neighborhoods, giving you a scenic tour of the city of Columbus. This trail boasts many bridges and architecture to admire along the way, yet it also avoids busy roads by following paths underneath the bridges and along the waterfront.

Another trail to consider would be the Creekside Trail which is all asphalt and 15 miles long. This trail goes through light woods and fields as well as urban areas. It connects with several other trails around Columbus, such as the Mad River Trail, the Iron Horse Trail, the Prairie Grass Trail, and the Ohio-to-Erie Trail.

If you want to experience riding an ebike, come to Columbus and have a wonderful ride. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced mountain biker, you’ll have great fun experiencing the many trails Columbus has to offer!

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