Outdoor activities near Columbus OH

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With over a million residents Columbus is a fascinating city that mixes some amazing modern developments with its rich historical past. Home to the world-famous Ohio State University and a booming business district you can find just about anything you want in terms of the arts, sports, and recreation. But what if you want to skip the crowds and feel the fresh air? What is there to do outdoors? Let’s take a look at some of the best outdoor activities near Columbus OH.


For its natural beauty, the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens offers a year-round escape from the noise and chaos of city life. With its ever-changing flora and a wide variety of displays and exhibitions, the gardens have something to enchant the minds of both old and young and are perfect for a family day out. The Children’s Garden in particular is a stunning interactive experience that will help connect your child to nature and encourage them to put their phones away and enjoy the real world.


The Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus offers attractions to rival any city. The fountain, at its heart, covers an unbelievable 15000 square feet, and in the ten years since it has been open has become an iconic part of this amazing park. If that is not impressive enough on its own the park also boasts the largest free open-air climbing wall in the country! With smaller boulders for children and a huge archway to challenge the grown-ups, the Scioto Mile is full of surprises.


Pedal Wagon Columbus offers a variety of different excursions that will see you pedaling around all the best sights and attractions, or, visiting some of the hottest restaurants and hippest bars in town. Up to fifteen people can share a wagon and with electrically assisted and pedal-free seats available you really have to think hard to find an excuse not to have a go.


If you want to be different (and perhaps get rid of some built-up tension) Capital Axe throwing could be just the experience you are looking for. With its unique take on the art of axe throwing, you will first be shown the basic techniques. Then it is onto the casino-style games where you compete against friends, old and new, to see who will take home the prize and who will be the High Roller (who gets their picture in the Hall of fame).


No visit to Columbus would be complete without a trip to the German Village where even the floor beneath your feet has been meticulously repaired and maintained to give you a feeling like you are stepping back into history. Dating back to the 1850’s a tour of this area will astound you as it shows how the past, through dedicated conservation, can serve us well in contemporary society.

Often overlooked, in favor of more widely known cities, Columbus OH offers some exceptional outdoor activities that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Be smart, be different, lace up your walking shoes, and let Columbus take you on an adventure you simply will not forget.

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