Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Dallas, Texas

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The Lone Star State knows more than most when it comes to good food; with the city of Dallas being a key hub for all things food, and we want you to be able to experience the best restaurants possible in the area. Unfortunately, we can’t list restaurants that hold Michelin star awards, as the Michelin guide doesn’t yet cover the state of Texas in this category, we can, however, give you an insight into the best-rated restaurants near Dallas based on Yelp, so read on for more.

Empa Mundo

Hitting up the top spot is Empa Mundo, serving up a delightful feast of Argentinian empanadas, in the form of a dozen different flavors. All the empanadas are handmade, with fresh ingredients and sealed and cooked on the day, ensuring you get nothing but the tastiest empanadas in the state. Empanadas are not just food to Empa Mundo, they are a passion, which shines through in the authentic deep flavors that will keep you coming back for more. It is not necessary to book a table, but it is a popular place at all times, so it is better to call ahead and check, you can find their information on their website –

Tranky’s Tacos

This restaurant is the real deal when it comes to Mexican food, so often Mexican food is grouped into the category of fast food, and this simply isn’t the case; find the right Mexican restaurant and you will be astonished at what true Mexican cuisine is. Fortunately, Tranky’s provides the perfect example of authentic and traditional food, which gives you a delicious hit of flavor every time you take a bite. The ingredients are fresh, and your plate comes out full of color just asking to be devoured. The best part is you get tantalizing food, at extremely reasonable prices, you couldn’t ask for more from Tranky’s so be sure to take the time to pop into this family-owned business as soon as you get the chance. Find out more about the restaurant and their story here on the website –

Ephesus Mediterranean Grill

It is a great find to discover a restaurant in the states that provides a bona fide taste of the Mediterranean, well look no further than Ephesus; they hit the spot with their flavorsome and moreish menu serving you the best hummus, babaganoush, baklava, falafel; honestly, the list goes on and on, even the bread is warm and crunchy. The chef does a smashing job as always cooking each dish to perfection, and making sure you never have a bad visit. The dining area is a good size so you don’t feel too close to other diners, and the decor is traditional but not dated. As a bonus, Ephesus has a bring your own booze policy, so don’t forget to take advantage of that if you want alcohol with your food. Check out all you need to know about this Mediterranean gem on their website –

Dallas has a fine selection of places to eat, you certainly cannot go hungry in this city; many of which will undoubtedly be award winners one day, when they are given the opportunity.

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