Outdoor activities near Dallas TX

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Spending time outside is a great feeling, for some, it may be daunting at first, but once you are out in the crisp air it can really heighten your mood. The air may be more hot than crisp in Dallas, but there are still ample reasons to get outdoors. If you are in the area and are looking for some ideas about outdoor activities near Dallas TX, then read on below for more information.


We are starting with definitely one of the best outdoor activities in the city, the Trinity Forest Adventure Park. This is the only ariel adventure park in the whole state, so you are lucky to be able to go. The park has zip lines, rope bridges, and cargo nets, as well as other climbing features. You can swing from one side of the park to the other, and there are routes for all levels, so don’t worry about not being good enough.


It’s not often that you hear the words bike and party together, but at this bike party, you can experience fully what that actually means. These are bikes that fit up to sixteen people, everyone sits around a center table, and as a team, you pedal around the city taking your guided tour. You can drink and have snacks, blast out your favorite tunes, and learn about the more historic parts of the city – if you are interested in that side of it, anyway.


This three and a half mile long trail offers some of the most beautiful scenery near the city. You can walk or bike, take your dogs, or even stop and have a picnic. There are historic monuments along the way, and the views are breathtaking. Even though it is well-known, there are still plenty of quiet spots where you can sit in peace and switch off from the world.


It is not often that people will ever get to go to the savannahs of Africa in their life in order to see some of the world’s most awesome animals, or deep into the jungles to see the wonderfully exotic animals. So, the next best thing is the zoo. At Dallas Zoo, you can see hundreds of animals from giraffes and elephants, to monkeys and flamingos. There are also educational shows, and you can learn about how you can help the natural world.


Check out White Rock Lake from a different perspective, with this wonderful sailboat experience. See the great views of the shoreline, unwind as you listen to the sound of the water rippling, and watch the sunset to end the day on a big high.

Dallas has so many things to offer by way of outdoor activities, and we have only been able to cover five of them. There are plenty more out there for you to take part in, and continue having fun, trying new things, or even learning about the area.

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