Renting Ebikes in Dallas, Texas

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If you’re looking for an exciting new pastime to do while in Dallas, Texas, give an electric bike rental a try! Electric bikes, or ebikes as they are commonly called, are bicycles with a motor that help assist the operator while pedaling. This makes for a less strenuous ride and an easier time going up hills or traversing harder terrain. Thankfully, Texas law does not view ebikes in the same vein as scooters or mopeds, and therefore they are allowed to go wherever bicycles can go, on the road, paths, or trails. Texas also does not require helmets when riding an ebike, nor is there an age restriction on who can ride an ebike.

Dallas used to be a major hub for bikeshare companies, with kiosks all about the city to rent your ebike easily, but alas, those days are gone. Uber’s JUMP bikeshare company pulled out of Dallas for unknown reasons, but never fear, there are still a few great places to rent ebikes for your next vacation adventure. All pertinent links are provided below!

Pedego Dallas is one of those options, open every day of the week except for Mondays and Tuesdays. They rent ebikes, as well as sell them. The cost for renting a normal electric bike is $20 an hour or $100 per day. If you’d like an electric mountain bike, the price is $35 an hour or $150 per day. Call or go online to book your rentals.

Pedego Electric Bikes Fort Worth is also an excellent choice. While they are the same chain, this store is located in Fort Worth, which might be easier to choose depending on where you are in the city. Several local bike shops do sell ebikes, but if you’d like to rent one in Dallas, Pedego is, hands down, your best choice for your next ride.

Where do you go to ride your ebikes once they’re rented and ready to go? We have a few suggestions. Reimer’s Ranch Trail is 13.2 miles long and winds through the scenic countryside of Texas. Get a taste of the Old West with this trail which cuts through grassy fields, woods, and picturesque waterways.

The San Gabriel River Trail and Goodwater Loop is 26.9 miles of trail that follows a beautiful river and a lake. This trail is rated as moderate and is good for small children or dogs. Hikers, pedestrians, or bikers are all welcome on this trail. You will not be disappointed with nature on full display! Get out of town and into the wild with this lovely bike trail.

Ebikes are easy to rent and ride in Dallas. For a grand old time, pick up a few ebikes for the day and have fun with your family making new and exciting memories!

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