What is open in Dallas TX during the coronavirus?

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There are plenty of rules and restrictions in place at the moment due to the coronavirus; it can all seem a little overwhelming and it certainly makes it hard to know which businesses can open and which can’t. Therefore, we have put together a guide of what is open in Dallas, TX, during the coronavirus, to give you an idea of a few of the businesses in the city that are still open and waiting for you.


Dallas World Aquarium is open from 10am until 5pm every day and is waiting for you to come and explore the animals from all over the world, as well as learn about the conservation projects they are part of. This aquarium is a fantastic place for learning and researching all the animals you might never have seen before! If you are older than ten you will need to wear a face mask, and tickets must be bought online in advance, but you are still guaranteed to have a wonderful time at this beautiful facility.


Bowling is one of the most popular indoor activities, and fortunately, in Dallas bowling alleys are allowed to open. Head on over to places such as Bowlounge, Bowlmor Dallas, or USA Bowl, to have fun just like before. The food service and bar service within these businesses are also still operating as normal so you can combine the fun with a meal out or a cheeky cocktail. You should ring ahead to make sure you book a lane as with social distancing regulations in force, you don’t want to waste your time by turning up without checking there is space for your group beforehand.


Who doesn’t love a trip to Target that ends with you buying ten times more than you went in for? All Targets around Dallas are open during the coronavirus, so you can stock up on your favorite snacks, do your weekly shop, or grab your medications like always. Their opening times are scheduled as normal, although you will have to wear a face mask if you visit in person – they have made online ordering better though so you can stay at home and still enjoy all your favorite Target goods if you prefer.


Everyone loves to eat out, no matter how much you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, there comes a point where you need a break. And with so many restaurants closed, it seems harder than ever to order from your favorite places. However, we have found some of the top restaurants in Dallas that are still open for businesses for either dine-in, take out, or delivery, so you can have a night off from cooking.

  • Fearing’s Restaurant
  • Truluck’s
  • St Martins
  • Ocean Prime
  • Pecan Lodge
  • Uchi
  • The Woolworth
  • Rodeo Goat
  • Lucia
  • Bullion

If you are unsure of any regulations or restrictions that are in place then it is always best to contact the business beforehand, you can also visit the Dallas city website for more information and contact numbers if you have questions about anything else that is related to the coronavirus in your area.

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