What to Do at the Zoo in Denver, Colorado

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If you find yourself in Denver with nothing exciting to do, consider having yourself an adventure at the Denver Zoo! Tickets must be reserved for entering the zoo online only, however at this time, zoo tickets are complimentary and at no cost to you. However, if you’d like to purchase a yearly membership, you may do so, which helps you save on gifts, food, and special events throughout the year. Memberships begin at $65 for Individuals, $95 for Zoo for Two, $155 for Family, and $185 for Family Plus.

Are you an animal lover? The Denver Zoo offers several opportunities daily of getting an Up Close Look at several different species. Participate in the Giraffe Feeding, which allows you to hand-feed a giraffe and learn more about this animal and its habitat. This event is $150 and can include up to 4 guests. Learn about Animal Ambassadors, which include animals such as reptiles, birds of prey, porcupines, or a wild card picked at random. This event is $200 and allows up to 6 guests.

Would you like to meet some llamas? This event allows up to 6 guests and is $200 for the opportunity to meet a llama one-on-one. It is recommended to wear close-toed shoes for this event. Zookeepers will help you learn all about llamas as they care for them behind the scenes. However due to safety regulations, guests will not have personal contact with any of the animals.

“Adopting” an animal is also an option at the Denver Zoo! You will not gain ownership of the animal; however, you can adopt one in order for your monetary gift to help care for them. There are a myriad of animals from which to adopt, including the African penguin, the African wild dog, the Amur tiger, the Asian elephant, the California sea lion, the Chilean Flamingo, the Greater One-Horned rhino, the Grizzly bear, among several others! Prices are as follows: to adopt an animal pack is $60, to adopt an animal troop is $80, and to adopt an animal herd is $105, and for each package, you will receive a free plushy of the animals you’re are adopting! 

The Denver Zoo has opened a new exhibit, the Stingray Cove. This exhibit is available to all guests of the zoo.

The Denver Zoo shop is available both at the zoo and also online. They offer all kinds of souvenirs to commemorate your visit to the zoo, such as apparel, mugs, sports bottles, hats, plushies, toys, books, and more! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, come on by and check it out!

Download the handy Denver Zoo app to help you navigate the zoo and also to find out pertinent information on all your favorite animals. You’ll also need the app to order food from the zoo’s restaurants, and all dining will be held outside. Masks are required for everyone age 3 and up, and social distancing must be practiced. Visit the zoo today for a roaring good time!

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