#familytravel – Creating Holiday Memories

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With the holidays coming, everyone is looking forward to a much-deserved break. But after working and learning from home all year, the last thing anyone wants to do this year is spend their winter break cooped up at home! So instead of bingeing Netflix shows, pack a bag, grab your family, and take a trip to create wonderful holiday memories. Here are some ideas that will let you have some fun safely this holiday season:

Rent a Cabin

There’s something special about getting cozy in a cabin with the fire crackling inside and the snow falling outside. Websites like Airbnb offer a variety of unique rentals, from the classic rustic lodge in the mountains, to glamping setups, to treehouses. And with fewer people traveling these days, you’re more likely to be able to score a cool place that’s usually booked!

Spend some time making your home away from home extra festive for your vacation with these ideas:

·       Decorate: Put up some holiday decorations to make your stay feel extra festive.

·       Plan a fun menu: There’s something about being on vacation that makes people ready to try new things, so take this opportunity to cook some seasonal recipes as a family.

·       Outdoor Activities: Fill your days with wintry hikes or exploring nearby towns.

Go to a Ski Resort

Skiing is fun, great exercise, and will get the kids away from their computer screens. As long as you’re prepared to embrace a new normal, a family ski trip is still possible this year. Ski resorts have had all year to prepare to host you and your family safely. In fact, according to neuroinfectious disease physician Dr. Daniel Pastula, “the outdoor element of ski trips is generally safe during a pandemic.”

That being said, the indoor element will look a little different. Expect reduced capacity on ski lifts, face-covering requirements, social distancing, and new rules at resort restaurants and bars. Here are some tips to help you make the most of it:

·   Get off the resort for dinner and head to a restaurant in town that may be less crowded.

·   Look for a resort that has outdoor hang-out space (with plenty of firepits and warmers, of course!)

·   Skip the communal hot tub and try to book a room with a private one. You and your spouse deserve some relaxing time together!

Head South for Some Beach Time

If you’re looking to show off a tan on your next Zoom call, a beach trip is a great way to relax and spend time bonding with your family. As an outdoor activity, spending time at the beach is fairly safe as long as you’re smart about it. Make sure you and your family sit down and discuss some safety guidelines before you go. Some important ones are:

·   Set up your spot far from the crowds. This may mean skipping the most popular beach and going to an alternative one or just walking further down the shore before plonking down your towel.

·   Public restrooms are very enclosed spaces. Make sure your little ones understand the importance of keeping their mask on inside and washing their hands thoroughly. 

·   Agree to pack a picnic lunch instead of hitting the tiki bar. Your wallet will thank you, too.


Enjoy Family Time

No matter where you choose to travel this holiday season, the most important thing is that you and your family are spending time together. So have some fun, and make some new memories.



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