Looking for the Scariest #HauntedHouse this Halloween?

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If you’re looking for the scariest #hauntedhouse that might be in your area, read our wicked little list. We can’t guarantee you’ll encounter real ghosts or that the property is truly haunted, however, we can guarantee you’ll have a frightfully amazing time, and want to come back and experience the jump scares and creepy stares all over again next year.

The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride

First up, we have the Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride in the area of Glen Mills, PA. Rates for this attraction are between $40 to $75 and has group rates at $30. If you love the thriller movie Psycho, you’ll adore this creepy place, complete with animatronics and live actors. Which is which? You be the judge.

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses

Next, Ulster Park, NY hosts the Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses. Rates for this attraction are between $39.95 to $47.95 plus some fees. Fans of this attraction come for the live-action theatrical hayride that features the Headless Horseman, an iconic figure of Halloween for decades. An 18th century manor is the backdrop for their haunted house, bringing rich history to its hauntings.

The 13th Floor

If you’re in Denver, Colorado, perhaps you’ll stop into the 13th Floor where actors in full horror regalia will make you believe you’ve been dropped into a haunted hotel with no way out. Animatronics and moving rooms help to create the creepy atmosphere. You’ll even encounter a haunted mirror. For $19.99 to $32.99 depending on which day you go, you’ll want to come on down and scream your head off.

Cutting Edge Haunted House

In Fort Worth, TX, there’s a haunted house so scary it’s located in a meatpacking plant. It is the largest haunted house in the world as verified by the Guinness Book of World Records, and offers up uneven floors, creeping fog, and real-life electrical shocks. Pay attention, folks. This is not a haunted house for the whole family. Take your adult friends and have yourself a night of fright.

Field of Screams Haunted Hayride

If you live near Mountville, PA, give Field of Screams a try. They charge $16 per attraction or $35 to experience all four of them, which are the Den of Darkness, the Frightmare Asylum, the Nocturnal Wasteland, and, of course, the Haunted Hayride. You’ll be sure to have the fright of your life down at the Field of Screams. Come on out and check out the ghouls. Be aware, however, it might be too intense for young children.

The Dent Schoolhouse

Cincinnati, Ohio is the scene of the “Dent Schoolhouse”, of which legend has it that it was a real schoolhouse back in the day, until some questionable activity in the 1950’s made it close down. Children went missing. Nowadays, the schoolhouse is home to all kinds of horrors and attracts all kinds of visitors from all over the country. Admission to The Dent Schoolhouse is between $20 to $25.

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