Romantic Valentine’s Day #Hiking Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is coming, but we are still very much in the middle of a pandemic. Many restaurants are shut down across the country and traditional ways of celebrating the holiday are a bit tricky. But if this year has taught us anything, it’s that we just have to get a little creative to still have fun and keep up traditions!

If a romantic candlelit dinner at a nice restaurant is your typical go-to to treat your special someone, you might be wondering what to do instead this year. A fresh idea that’s super social distancing friendly is going hiking as a couple! Read on to see why hiking can be romantic.

Summit a Peak

Challenging yourselves together as a couple and working together to get over a shared obstacle is a wonderful bonding experience that will bring you closer. And it doesn’t have to be anything crazy to work! Sure, if you’re both experienced mountain climbers, you’ll want a true mountaineering challenge. But even if you’ve never been on a hiking trail, you can find a way to bring some challenge -and fun- to the experience. Plenty of hikes are steep without needing to take all day to complete and without requiring any technical skills. Look around to see what trails like that you might have near you! The best feeling is when you reach the top, endorphins pumping, enjoy a beautiful view together, take a collective breath, and look at each other to say “We did it!”

Photo Shoot

Do you have enough photos together as a couple? If not, planning a day where you enjoy a photoshoot together is tons of fun, and you’ll have lovely pictures to look back on forever. A hiking trail is a great place to do your shoot, because you can get a variety of action shots, dreamy shots looking off into the distance, and that perfect one of the two of you in front of an awesome view that you can frame in your living room. You can keep it as simple as taking pictures of each other with a few self-timer selfies thrown in, or you can look into hiring a photographer to make the day extra special!


There’s nothing more romantic than a picnic, and packing up a picnic in your backpack on a hike is a wonderful surprise for your special someone! You can even scout out the trail ahead of time to find the spot with the best view. Make it extra special by bringing candles and flowers or packing a romantic spread that includes things like chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne. Of course, this idea is more pleasant if you live in a warmer clime. But even if you’re hiking somewhere with snow and chilly temperatures, you can still have an awesome picnic. Just bring a waterproof tarp for under your picnic blanket, some cozy blankets to snuggle in together, and a thermos with a hot beverage!

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