The Best Places in the World to Watch the #Sunset

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Come and take a journey of imagination and whimsy. Here, we’ll ponder the magnificent locales of this world and the glory of them all as the #sunset paints the sky. Perhaps you might be able to afford to travel to several of these locations. Perhaps you will never visit them. But a sunset is a universal beauty that is admired everywhere and there are plenty of pictures to look at and admire.

Tropical Beaches

Have you been to a tropical beach? There’s nothing quite like watching a sunset from the clear warm waters as the sun slowly sinks beneath the waters of the horizon. Shadows of palm trees sway in the breeze, the very same breeze that caresses your skin and puts a smile on your face. There’s a reason the tropics are often referred to as paradise, with their lush greenery, white sands, and waters clear as crystal. If you haven’t viewed a sunset from a tropical beach, put it on your bucket list.

Desert Skies

Perhaps it’s the red in the sand or the painted rocks of the wilderness, but the desert sky at sunset always seems to be a masterpiece of bold and beautiful color. Deep red, vivid orange, and glorious gold light up the sky, and if there are a few scattered clouds, it makes it all the better. The longer the sunset, the more it seems to mature, as reds fade away into pinks and orange into creamsicles. If you’re lucky, you might witness a crown of light piercing the clouds as rays of the sun come crashing through them. These wondrous sights take your breath away. You’ll want to witness a desert sunset at least once in your life.

On the Farm

What’s better than looking out across a field of wheat or corn and watching the sun dip low on the horizon? No trees to hinder your view, no houses in the way. Nothing but big sky and bigger glory. The sun bathes the land with bright light as the day wanes, and the whole farmhouse is filled with a warm and golden glow, bringing images of children playing, dogs chasing them, and Grandma baking her gooey apple pie. 

On the Water

You don’t have to be a boater to enjoy a sunset on the water. If you’re vacationing in a lake house, a beach house, or on the river, you’ll be privy to one of the most majestic sights a sunset has to offer — its own reflection upon the water. Having that beauty reflected back at you thus doubles the wonder. These are the sunsets lovers covet for romantic kisses and photographers flock to for that perfect shot. 

In the Mountains

Whether camping on the mountainside or taking refuge in a cabin, there’s something special about sunsets in the mountains. They ignite the entire countryside ablaze in ethereal light, with the promise of crisp and clear starry skies after the sun takes its final bow. Wherever your fancy, sunsets around the world are incredible.

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