Tips for Taking Amazing #TravelPhotography

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Do you love to travel and also take photos? You might want to try your hand at #TravelPhotography. Travel blogs and Instagram accounts are popular these days and you might even be able to make a little money taking pictures. Here are some tips and tricks you can learn and master to have some of the most amazing photographs you’ve ever taken. 

The Rule of Thirds

Any photographer worth their salt knows the Rule of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds is taking your subject matter and, through the camera lens, breaking the composition into thirds both horizontally by two lines and vertically with two lines. Ideally, your subject will be in the left or the right third of the photograph, which gives your composition more interest and pizzazz rather than placing your subject directly in the middle of the photo. This is especially true with nature shots and pictures that take advantage of a beautiful landscape. You’ll want to showcase this within your background, so making sure your subject is off center helps to make the background an integral part of the photograph overall. 

Bend Down

Don’t be afraid to get on the same level as something fascinating that might be on the ground or near it. Bending down or lying on the ground are the best ways to capture these shots, especially if it’s of a pretty wildflower or a bee on that flower. Always frame your photographs to fill the frame, meaning, don’t let your subject be swallowed by the background. If you’re taking aim at the bee pollinating the flower, make sure the bee and the flower fill the frame, not a wide shot of the grass with a random flower in it. But remember, even on these close-up shots, the Rule of Thirds still applies.

 Don’t Chop Off Their Heads!

When taking pictures of people in the places you visit, make sure you’ve got their entire head in the shot. If they happen to be placing their arms over their head in a relaxed pose, get the entire arm, including the elbow. Close-ups should be cropped at the abdomen or maybe even the neck if your subject is their face alone. However, if you have any wider angle and their body is visible, make sure most, if not all, of them are in the shot. This frames your subject nicely within the photo and brings more interest to the piece.

Be Conscious of the Background

Are you shooting in a busy place? A parade perhaps or somewhere with lots of crowds? Make sure you’re paying attention to the background as well as your subject. It won’t matter if you get the perfect shot of a child enjoying an ice cream cone if there’s a dog doing its business on the grass in the background. Even blurred, these things can still be seen. Quite often your background is just as important as your foreground, so make sure all elements of the picture are perfect before you snap the shutter. 

But all in all, just have fun!

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