#Travelphotography Tips for Wintry Photos

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It’s easy for your travel photos to look stunning on summer trips when the world is colorful and alive and everyone is feeling laid back and breezy. The winter is a different story. If you’re feeling a bit lost when it comes to making your travel photos from your winter trips really shine, read on for some handy tips.

Embrace the Moodiness

Winter is a visually moody time of year. With no leaves on the trees, forests look like a wall of grey. The grass is dead and brown. Less sunlight means more shadows. Since you can’t make a dark landscape like that be what it isn’t, embrace what you’re given and lean into it when you edit the photos. One tip is to cool the photo by adjusting the warmth down or playing with the color curves to make the blue and green tones more predominant. Another helpful step is to desaturate colors a bit. Finally, giving it a bit of a vintage film look with grain or vignette adds to the mood.

Be Prepared

It’s not always about aesthetics with winter photography. After all, if you can’t get the shot, you can’t begin to worry about what the shot looks like. So, when shooting winter photos, you must be prepared for winter weather. Did you know winter weather can affect your camera? For example, battery life gets shorter when temperatures are under freezing. Therefore, you’ll need to come prepared with extra batteries. You’ll also need to make sure you are able to withstand the cold. Aside from the obvious, like a warm coat, make sure you have gloves that keep your fingers warm enough and still allow you to use your camera, and that you protect extremities like your toes, ears, and nose, which quickly become painfully cold in low temperatures.

Wear a Bright Color

Winter landscapes have a definite quality of sameness to them. Think endless white snow reaching as far as the eye can see. To add visual interest, you want to shoot a subject that really pops against the greys or whites of your winter background. For example, if you’re shooting a person against a landscape, having them wear a bright color makes them stand out. Red and yellow are great colors for coats and parkas that add some life, and even whimsy, to your winter pictures.

Mind Wear You Walk

We’ve all heard of people tragically dying while trying to get a perfect travel photo by falling off a cliff. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings in any season, especially when you’re distracted by trying to frame a photo. But in the winter, this becomes even more complicated. Surfaces are often more slippery and when everything is blanketed with snow, it’s easier to step on a rock or in a hole and hurt yourself. You’ll also want to be careful of where you step for aesthetic reasons -no one wants to try to get a perfect picture of a fresh snowfall, and then realize they’ve made a bunch of tracks in the snow!

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