What are #foodie(s) eating during this time?

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It’s a tough time for foodies right now with so many restaurants shuttered, offering only curbside pickup, or holding limited hours. But with these circumstances comes creativity and foodies are still finding plenty of ways to get their food fix!

If you were planning a food-centric trip to a foodie powerhouse city and had to cancel, it might be time to rethink your approach. The best way to approach these times is to dine locally. You’ll be supporting your community, reducing the spread, and finding some awesome new treasured places to eat!

Underrated Foodie Towns

If you want to dive deeper into your local food scene, Yelp and Instagram are great ways to start searching out the best hotspots. But we’re also highlighting for you here some underrated cities with amazing food scenes. Maybe there’s one near you!

·        Birmingham, Alabama: Magic City isn’t the first place you think of in the South for a cool food scene, but maybe it should be. Birmingham boasts a wide range of grub, from pulled pork to French fine dining, to craft beer taprooms. In fact, chef Andrew Zimmern recently called Birmingham, “the hottest small food city in America right now.”

·        Dallas, Texas: It’s not all steakhouses anymore! Between tacos, barbeque, gastropubs, decadent desserts, and international cuisines, Dallas is the hidden gem of Texas’s food scene. One aspect of the food landscape in Dallas that foodies will find particularly exciting is that it’s always changing, so there are always new places to try. Check out some of these great restaurants the next time you’re in Dallas.

·        Minneapolis, Minnesota: Where can you get delicious Korean, Indigenous American, Somalian, Hmong, Afghani, AND Scandinavian food? Nope, not New York or Los Angeles. We’re talking about the Twin Cities! This chilly midwestern spot hosts a multicultural immigrant community, which shines through in its colorful food scene.

·        Salt Lake City, Utah: Given its reputation, you might be surprised to learn that Salt Lake City has a thriving bar scene! But despite being headquarters to the Mormon Church, there are a whole bunch of great breweries, cocktail lounges, and speakeasies to check out here.

·        Detroit, Michigan: Detroit is the ultimate comeback city, and its food scene is no exception. New restaurants and bars are popping up all the time, and there’s a wonderful variety of creativity to be enjoyed. Of note is the vibrant Corktown neighborhood, the hub of the Detroit foodie scene. The rest of the world may not have caught on yet, but Detroit makes for a dynamic and hip city to visit.

·        Raleigh, North Carolina: For Southern comfort food, look no further than Raleigh. This capital city is your spot to go for mac and cheese, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, and milkshakes. But in Raleigh, Southern food goes beyond “home cooking” with up and coming chefs putting an upscale twist on a lot of these Southern favorites.

Order Up

Even with the pandemic, there’s no reason for foodies to go hungry. Whether you live in one of these cities, you’re going to road trip to one, or you’re planning to discover the food scene in your town, now is the time to support local bars and restaurants. Bon Appetit!




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