Outdoor activities near Hudson Yards New York NY

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There is no end of outdoor activities that you can do in New York City, in fact, as far as cities go, this one is quite possibly the most vibrant and exciting of them all. So, if you live here, and are new to the area and want some ideas of the kinds of activities you can expect in this great city, then read on for a few of our picks for outdoor activities near Hudson Yards New York NY.


This Olidaytours are some of the most detailed and entertaining tours in the city – and in several languages, too! Here, you can arrange your tour to be by bike or on foot, and your guide will show you around all the best places in the city, including many that you may never get to see otherwise. Guided tours don’t have to be boring, they are in fact, one of the most effective ways of really learning about a city, and this one does a great job.


Be a VIP member of the Narwhal Yacht Club for the afternoon, and soak up the views as you sail along the water drinking your favorite drinks, eating some top snacks, and even listening to music. Completely unwind from the stress of the city on the calm waters and see the skyline of NYC like never before.


Combine your love of the city with your love of exercise with Fit Tours NYC. With these tours, you can join a group and run through the streets while also being privy to a guided tour of the landmarks that surround you. You can also have a guided tour that includes yoga for anyone who isn’t a fan of running. These tours have been increasingly popular in recent years because they really are a lot of fun.


Experience the luxury of being driven around the city in a pedicab, you can explore the most famous streets, the hidden gems, and of course Central Park, all while being able to relax and focus on what you are seeing rather than worrying about the traffic around you. Pedicabs are easily one of the best outdoor activities in this city.


Some of the best activities you can do outside, you can do at your local park, and this is most definitely true for Central Park. With so much space in this park, you have all the room you need to spend hours any time you want going for a walk, or a run, sunbathing under the canopy of the trees, having a picnic, playing sports on the lush green spaces, walking your dogs, reading a book, drinking with friends. Seriously, whatever outdoor activities you love, can probably be done in this park.

Join in the fun in the city that never sleeps and start exploring all the outdoor activities that are available to you, use some of our ideas, or find your own and see which are your favorites.

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