Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Journal City, New Jersey

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New Jersey is a fantastic place to explore, and the perfect place to find great food; so you are are in the area of planning a trip, we can help you find the best food in the vicinity. We have assembled a list of the best-rated restaurants near Journal City, so you can be guaranteed of a fabulous meal. At present, there are no Michelin star restaurants in the city, as the Michelin guide doesn’t cover the state of New Jersey, but it is not a hard task to find some fantastic food nevertheless, read on for the best of the best.

Korai Kitchen

Korai Kitchen is the first restaurant serving Bangladeshi cuisine in the whole of New Jersey; and even though it has only been opened for less than two years, it has made big strides in the restaurant industry, having bagged the top spot among diners, in such a short space of time. Owner and head chef, Nur-E Gulshan, has decades of cooking experience, all of which is self-taught, making it even more impressive. Gulshan and her daughter pour their all into the food they prepare and serve, including a whole lot of love. They use all the freshest ingredients, and plenty of spices to make every dish completely authentic and a true taste of Bangladeshi cuisine. Korai Kitchen is frequently included on top rated lists and has been previously featured in the New York Times. Gulshan and her daughter are a power duo, who know how to make the best curries this side of the Atlantic. You can read more about their story, and see their menu on their website –

Pinwheel Garden Dumpling & Noodle Bar

This is a trendy little restaurant, with a great relaxing vibe, that serves fantastic Asian fusion, including tantalizing Udon and Ramen noodles. The open kitchen makes for some great entertainment while you wait for your food, and allows you to smell the glorious flavors that are to come; as the name suggests they also specialize in dumplings, that are all packed with ingredients and strong flavors. All the food is fresh and made from scratch, meaning you get the full effect of the tastes every time. There is also a range of teas to choose from to accompany your meal. As the restaurant has a smaller dining area compared to the standard restaurant, it is better to book a table so you don’t have to wait, you can do this on their website, here –

Taqueria Mi Mariachi

Mexican cuisine is always a great choice, and it is an even better choice if your choice of restaurant is Mi Mariachi; all the items on the menu are made fresh, so if they run out of ingredients, then they won’t be running to the freezer to heat up some more. You can taste the quality of the products that they use, and the tacos and burritos, in particular, are a real stand out choice. The restaurant has a homely feel to it, and it is a nice setting to sit and eat a hearty meal; you can see their full menu and contact information on their website –

Don’t think that just because a restaurant doesn’t have a Michelin star, that you can’t have a refined or cultured dining experience, there are a huge amount of food cuisines to choose from in and around Journal City, with plenty of potentials for you to have a fantastic meal.

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