Outdoor activities near LaGuardia Queens NY

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Spending time outside has been proven time and again to be hugely beneficial not just to your physical health but to your mental health, too, and taking care of your mental health is more important than ever. Therefore, if you are in Queens, NYC, are looking for ideas about what you can do by way of activities outside then read the article below for a snippet of some of the top outdoor activities near LaGuardia, Queens, NY.


Zoos can be wonderful places, the right zoo can be a huge benefit to animals, especially endangered animals, and your visit can help not only educate yourself but further helps protect the animals. At Queens Zoo, you will see a whole host of animals from both North and South America from sea lions and bison, to alligators and pumas. There are hundreds of species for you to observe, watch be fed, and even pet – of course, the petting area is for the safe animals only. Learn about the animals and how you can help animals in the wild, all while having a lot of fun.


Near LaGuardia, you will find Rockaway Beach just a short subway ride away. This beach is fairly popular, although it’s huge so don’t worry about there not being space for you. Look out to the horizon of the Atlantic, and soak up some sun on the sandy beach. Take some games, play sports, or unwind as you read your favorite book. Having a beach close by always makes for the perfect outdoor activity.


This cruise will undoubtedly be one of the most special activities you ever do in your life. At America Princess Cruises they organize whale watching tours, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll get to see dolphins too! Being so close to such beautiful, giant, gentle creatures is an awesome feeling, and is certainly an activity that you’ll want to do time and again.


Rent a jet ski and fly through the waters as you feel the adrenaline coarse through your body. Jet skiing is thrilling, to say the least, and makes a great change from the usual beach activities. At Rockaway Jet Ski, you can also hire paddleboards, kayaks, and waterskis to test out all your water sporting skills! As a bonus, you can go out on the water with a guide if it’s your first time or you don’t feel confident enough just yet.


At this golf center, you can use the driving range, use the simulator screens, or play a few rounds of miniature golf, all topped off with some delicious food from the center’s restaurant. Golf doesn’t always have to be boring, and the Alley Pond Gold Center makes sure that it isn’t!

There are lots of outdoor activities to do near LaGuardia whatever the weather, and of course, there’s even more than we’ve been able to list, so check out our recommendations and discover some of your own.

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