What is open in LaGuardia Queens NY during the coronavirus?

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The coronavirus has had a huge impact on everyone’s lives, and an equally big impact on businesses. The good news is that some businesses are now allowed to open at this time, provided they follow a set of regulations, but others are still closed for the foreseeable. Read below to find out more about what is open in La Guardia, Queens, NY, during the coronavirus.


Like with all businesses, keeping everything clean and the clients safe is the top priority for all nail salons that are now open. Along with the cleaning, both you and the staff must wear masks at all times in order to protect both parties. Despite the changes, it is business as usual, and the local nail salons in the area are open and ready to give you a much-needed pampering. 4 Flowers Nails & Spa, and Bellissima Nail Spa are some great examples of the top-rated salons in La Guardia.


There are surely hundreds of people who were planning on getting their next tattoo, or even first tattoo before the coronavirus put a stop to everything. Well, tattoo parlors are open again, and in a business that involves so much intimacy and invasion of personal space, you can be sure there will be a lot of rules in place. You might find it difficult getting an appointment because capacity is now very limited, but mask usage is a must, as it regular cleaning, so you are as safe as possible when you do go.


Unfortunately, a lot of smaller cafes are yet to open for various reasons, but some of the more well-known coffee shops have reopened their doors so everyone can go back to getting their favorite drink. In La Guardia, the main options currently stand at places like Dunkin’ Donuts, World Bean Coffee, and the Metro Star Coffee Shop. Granted they don’t have the same intimate cozy atmosphere as a small local place, but for now, it’s good enough to help you give yourself a much-needed boost.


New York City has arguably some of the best restaurants in the world with authentic food and cuisines form hundreds of different cultures all being represented in the city. Because of this, eating out often is commonplace for those living in New York, and the closure of so many restaurants has no doubt been tough. However, some restaurants are now open again, albeit with new rules, and below you can find our top picks of restaurants open in and around La Guardia – be sure to call ahead, as not all open restaurants can cater to dine-in at the moment.

  • LaGuardia Cafe
  • Auntie Anne’s
  • Cali Aji
  • Airways Pizza Gyro & Restaurant
  • Buccaneer Diner
  • Tony + Benny’s
  • Uncle Peter’s
  • Cafe Grill
  • Dalton’s
  • Jackson Hole

Being able to support businesses when you are able in a great way to help the community, just remember with new restrictions in place, you should always take a mask with you and expect a few changes in your normal routine for now.

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