Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport FAQ (LIT)

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What is the longest I can park in any of the lots?

  • There is a 90 day limit to park in any of the lots.

Is shuttle service available at LIT?

  • Shuttle service is available from the South Long-term lot to the terminal. Please note, this is the only shuttle available.

Where is the handicap parking?

  • Handicap parking is located at the West Short Term Surface lot and the Parking Deck.

Does LIT have Economy parking?

  • Yes, Economy parking is available at a rate of $1 per 20 minutes or $8 maximum for 24 hours.

Where can I park to wait for an arriving passenger?

  • Visitors are welcome to use the free Cell Phone lot. Please note that vehicles left unattended may be towed and/or ticketed at the owner’s expense.

Can I park at the curb to pick someone up?

  • No, curb parking is not permitted. 

What payment methods are accepted for parking?

  • Cash and credit cards are accepted.

What is the cost to park in the Parking Deck?

  • Rates are $1 per 20 minutes or a maximum of $13 per 24 hour period.

Is cash accepted to pay for parking?

  • Yes, but please note that the West Short Term Lot and the Economy Parking Lot are credit card payments only.

Is tax included in the listed rates?

  • No, tax is not included. 

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