Long Beach FAQ (LGB)

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Where can I wait for an arriving passenger?

  • There is a complimentary Cell Phone lot where you can wait for arriving passengers. This lot has a one hour limit.

Are there electric vehicle charging stations at LGB?

  • There are 12 ChargePoint charging stations on the first level of Lot B. 

Where is the handicap parking located?

  • There are handicap spaces available throughout all of the parking areas.

Does LGB offer Valet parking?

  • Yes, Valet parking is available at a rate of $27 per day. This service includes a free car wash. 

Can I make parking reservations?

  • Unfortunately, online reservations are not available.

What is the cost for parking?

  • Lot A parking rates are $21 per day
  • Lot B parking rates are $19 per day

How much is hourly parking?

  • The cost for hourly parking is $2 per hour for all lots.

Which parking lot is closest to the terminal?

  • Lot A is closest to the terminal.

Can I reserve a charging station?

  • Reservations are not available. The 12 charging ports are available on a first come, first served basis.

Can I park at the curb to drop off or pick up a passenger?

  • No. Curbside is intended for quick drop off or pick up only. Parking is not permitted. Vehicles left unattended will be towed and/or ticketed at the owner’s expense.

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