Best Coffee Shops in Tribeca Lower Manhattan NY

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If you are looking for your ideal coffee shop as you browse the streets of lower Manhattan, then we have just the list you are looking for. We have put together our top recommendations for the best coffee shops in Tribeca so you can head straight to the right place next time you are in need of a fresh cup of coffee or a sit down while in the neighborhood.

Interlude Coffee and Tea

The simplicity of this coffee shop is what makes it so highly rated, it is clean, modern, and minimal. The focus is on serving great tasting coffee, other drinks, and food, without the need to be flouncy or in your face. Sometimes you just need a coffee shop to be a coffee shop, not a show, and Interlude gets it just right.

Address: 145 Hudson St

New York, NY 10013


Laughing Man Coffee & Tea

It is always special to know that a business gives back to those in need, and this is what Laughing Man does. Started by an entrepreneur, the owner pledge to open a coffee shop for the sole purposes of donating all the profits to the Laughing Man Foundation, a foundation that supports coffee farmers and their families in an abundance of ways. Since 2011 this coffee shop has been serving the finest quality coffee and food to keep the customers returning in order to generate more profit for the foundation. This coffee shop is a real feel-good place and is a great way to get a coffee and help an organization in the process. Read more about the ways that this coffee shop owner is helping others by clicking the link below.

Address: 184 Duane St

New York, NY 10013



It doesn’t matter whether you are here for coffee, breakfast, brunch, or lunch, Gotan has you covered. This coffee shop makes the ideal coffee by constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to the art of coffee and coffee culture, and they make perfect food by only using fresh and in-season produce. If Gotan can’t be sure that you won’t receive the finest quality of food or drink then it doesn’t go on the menu. This coffee shop invests a lot into keeping the customer happy and delivering the best always.

Address: 130 Franklin St

New York, NY 10013

Cafe Atelier

The atmosphere is a big part of the coffee shop experience, and Cafe Atelier has created a wonderful atmosphere in their space. Filled with fresh flowers and unique pieces of furniture, you feel like you are in a home away from home. On top of the warm environment, you can expect to receive excellent service and drinks, and although this place is a little more expensive than other coffee shops in the area, the calm, clean, and relaxing space is worth paying a little more for.

Address: 1112 Hudson St

New York, NY 10013


Feel the warmth of the people of Tribeca and of a fresh cup of coffee by visiting one of the neighborhood’s best coffee shops!

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