Outdoor activities near Minneapolis MN

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The historic city of Minneapolis has plenty of high-rise buildings, exciting nightlife, and of course, classic architecture. This is a great city to explore and an even better place to be outside in. So, we have compiled a guide below of some of the top outdoor activities near Minneapolis MN, so you have a good foundation to start your adventures in the area.


Horses are beautiful creatures and Minneapolis is a great city, so why not combine the two of them. The Hitching Company offers horse-drawn carriage rides through the city and along the Mississippi River, where you can take in the wonderful views, see the city sights, and hear the flowing river, all while feeling like you’re on top of the world. The carriages are private and you can also get historical and humorous commentary from your driver so you can learn more about the area.


Take a tour of the deepest darkest corners of the city, and the usual attractions with a guided tour by bike. Walking tours, while fun, can be a little tiring, so having the option of seeing so much of the city by bike definitely makes the day out more fun. You will see things you’ve never noticed, and learn things you never knew during this top tour.


Not many people will imagine a 16 seater bike when someone says the word pub, but with these pedal bike tours, you can pedal around the city as a team while drinking your favorite drinks. The pedal bike is such a fun way to explore the city, listen to music, and take the atmosphere of the pub with you everywhere you go. Take your friends or meet some new ones with this tour.


Loring Park is one of the main parks of the city and is the perfect place to take part in all kinds of outdoor activities for all ages. There are walking paths, biking paths, open spaces for sports, water features, beautiful scenery, a wading pool, and even an ice-rink during the winter. Sometimes a park is the best place to go to have fun outside, and Loring Park certainly delivers.


For an educational walk, a jog in the area, or just as a place to relax in the sun, Mill Ruins Park is worth checking out. Here, you can see some of the city’s history as well as learn about it, walk up to the waterfalls and see dunning views of the city, or stop and have a picnic by the river. This park is great any day of the week, but in the summer it really comes alive.

Outdoor activities are good for your physical health as well as mental health, and Minneapolis has a lot for you to do to get outside and have some fun. Check out our suggestions, or find some your own and see which outdoor activities become your favorites.

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