What is open in Minneapolis MN during the coronavirus?

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If you are in Minnesota, MN, and are wondering what businesses are currently open, then we have some answers for you. Of course, Minneapolis is a huge city and we cannot cover every business in the city, but we have selected a few options in the article below to give you a better idea of what is open in Minneapolis, MN, during the coronavirus.


The MSP Film Society shows all the latest in documentaries, exhibitions, film festival movies, foreign films and so much more. Don’t expect to see the latest blockbuster at this theater but you will definitely leave having seen a movie that will leave an impression no matter what you watch. You will be required to wear a mask at all times, and reserve tickets in advance as there is a limited capacity in place.


While a lot of the gyms in the city are closed at the moment, you can still get in a great workout at the CoreCamper Bootcamp as lead by fitness experts in the city. Call ahead to make sure you can reserve a place in the programs.


Head on over to some of the top-rated bowling alleys in the city such as Memory Lanes, Elsie’s, or Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater for a night of entertainment, pub food, and cocktails. You will be sure to have a fantastic time at any of these locations but call ahead to reserve a place for your group and check opening times, as they are subject to change at any moment.


These trusty stores have been open for the duration and have no plans to close at this time. Both of these stores are great places for people to get discounted goods and stock their cupboards with their favorite foods. Serving millions of customers around the country every day, there would be a lot of people in a difficult situation if they were to close, so both stores have committed to providing the same services as usual with an increase in cleaning.


Eating out is a great pleasure in life, getting together with friends or family, and having your favorite food without having to worry about cooking and cleaning is a highlight for most people’s weeks. You may be used to a lot of restaurants closed at the moment, but we have selected some of the top restaurants in the city that are currently open and do offer either dine-in, takeout, or delivery options; however, be sure to call ahead to make a reservation or check their policies so you are not left disappointed.

  • Colita
  • Spoon and Stable
  • Café and Bar Lurcat
  • Martina
  • The Capital Grille
  • Birchwood Cafe
  • Hola Arepa
  • Revival
  • Broders’ Pasta Bar
  • Butcher & The Boar

It is great to be able to go out and support your local community by way of still shopping directly from the stores in your city, but remember that when you do venture out for your weekly shop, or to have some fun, ensure that you are following the guidelines and staying safe for everyone’s sake.

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