Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Minneapolis MN

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Everyone loves a vacation, whatever the reason, it is always refreshing to get away, explore a new city, or relax by the beach. In turn, it is also a good idea to bring souvenirs home with you so that you always have a reminder of your time away. With this in mind, if you are near Minneapolis, MN, we have the list you need of where to buy souvenirs in the area. Read on for all the information about the best stores near the city.

Love From Minnesota

Love From Minnesota is a fantastic store to visit if you are in the area, this place is clean, organized and the staff are very helpful. You can find all the best souvenirs and gifts here, from trinkets to novelty items and everything in between. There is a great range of products for things to represent the city and the sate, you will certainly not be disappointed after your visit here.

Address: 80 S 8th St

Ste 178

Minneapolis, MN 55401

Downtown Minneapolis


Open every day for your convenience, Minnesot-ah! brings the quality and the quantity. Have fun playing with the cuddly toys, or pinging the moose magnets, try on the hats, and wear your new Minnesota t-shirt with pride. This store is fantastic and packed with everything you could want, and with everything being so reasonably priced you might actually leave here with more than you planned. As a bonus, they also stock a lot of products that have been handcrafted by local artists and designers, so you not only get some great gear, but you also get to support the local community as well check them out at the address below and get yourself some of the best gifts in the city.

Address: 157 E Broadway

Bloomington, MN 55425

Love From Minnesota

Inside the mall of AmericaLove From Minnesota has all the typical souvenirs that you would expect and a few creative and unique ones too. As you can imagine, due to its location it may be higher in price than other places, but it is still worth a visit as they stock items you might not find anywhere else.

Address: 380 West Market

Mall of America

Bloomington, MN 55425

I Like You

This cute little store is packed with gifts, souvenirs, and works of art that are all made by local artists and designers. When you buy here, you get something more unique than from a typical store, and the prices are not too extravagant.

Address: 501 1st Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413


I Heart Minnesota

Another store in the mall of America, I Heart Minnesota sells t-shirts, mugs, glasses, magnets, postcards, key chains, and a thousand other things for you to choose from. They have a wide variety and helpful staff.

Address: Mall of America

372 West Market

Bloomington, MN 55425

Eventually, your vacation will come to an end, but by taking home souvenirs with you, you don’t have to let go of those memories completely!

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