Best Coffee Shops in Financial District New York NY

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Escape the stresses and noises of the New York City streets by heading into one of the best coffee shops in the financial district of New York, and having a great cup of warm coffee as you take a well-earned break from your day. Read on for our guide of the best coffee shops in the area below!

Voyager Espresso

Voyager Espresso features the best coffee roasters in the country and a rotating menu that embraces the seasonal nature of high-quality coffee meaning that you get the same exceptional standard of coffee whatever time of year it is. This coffee shop is literally a hidden gem so don’t give up if you can’t find it at first because you will regret not going there, check them out at the address below.

Address: 110 William St

New York, NY 10038

PROOF Coffee Roasters

This is a family-owned joint with a desire to serve the best coffee in the city and be part of the local community. As with all family-run businesses you will always receive the warmest of welcomes, and feel like more than just a number. Additionally, PROOF is also a wholesaler of specialty coffees and espressos so you can take some home with you and get to have a dreamy coffee experience in your own home.

Address: 65 Nassau St

New York, NY 10038

Casa Toscana Fulton Center

Started b two friends form Tuscan who met while living in New York, they decide to gift the people of the city with their Tuscan secret of happiness and longevity through their food and drinks. This place is the ultimate authentic Italian coffee shop selling a range of goods all of which provide a little snippet of Italy without needing to go there. They want customers to experience the food and drinks they did growing up and serve items such as freshly baked Italian bread, made with organic flour and natural yeast, warm pastries filled with homemade jam or pistachio spread, and espresso made with a careful selection of daily roasted, high-quality beans. You might not be able to see Tuscany from New York, but you can certainly embrace the idea of it atCasa Toscana Fulton Center. Check them out at the address below and get ready for this place to be your new favorite spot.

Address: 12 John St

New York, NY 10038

Blue Spoon Coffee

Blue Spoon has been serving the locals for the last fifteen years and has managed to survive in a notoriously tough industry due to their winning combination of quality products, excellent service, and a warm and cozy environment that implores people to stay. Swing by and sample some of their goods while you sip your drink and listen to the calming music that fills the air.

Address: 90 William St

New York, NY 10038

Having a moment to take a breath and switch off from reality as you sip on a drink and munch on a freshly baked pastry is sometimes all you need to give yourself enough energy to face the rest of the day!

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