Best Coffee Shops in Lenox Hill New York NY

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Take a breather and have a moment away from the streets of New York City, by having yourself a fresh cup of coffee at one of the best coffee shops in Lenox Hill; with our list below you will find the best ones to visit and you may even find yourself your new favorite hangout spot.


Inès is a neighborhood cafe that serves exceptional coffee and delicious food in a warm and welcoming setting, where they strive to have a menu that is innovative but also convenient. The excellence of the items served and the friendly and fun vibe go along way to give you a much-needed boost during your day. The locals are fans so check them out and see if you are too.

Address: 419 E 74th St

New York, NY 10021


Cafe Noi

This Euro-style cafe has been serving great coffee and food to customers for the last twelve years. During this time it has established itself as one of the top coffee shops to go in the area with customers being won over not only by the range of drinks but also the variety of food on the menu, there are plenty of things to choose from which are not just typical cafe items all of which are freshly made.

Address: 1465 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10075

Oslo Coffee Roasters

Oslo Coffee Roasters go that extra mile to guarantee your morning coffee will be of perfect quality by only sourcing from farms that grow the finest beans and putting measures in place so that the shipping and roasting are done with such care that your coffee will never be anything less than superb. These guys are experts are what they do.

Address: 422 E 75th St

New York, NY 10021



For something a little different visit DavidsTea and be immersed in a world of tea as you have never been before. This place specializes in tea and sells hundreds of different varieties and flavors for you to take home. As well as the tea leaves, you can order samples their teas, and order from their range of hot and iced teas or their special of the day. If you are a lover of tea then we can guarantee this is not a place you want to miss.

Address: 1124 3rd Ave

New York, NY 10014

Joe Coffee Company

Clean, modern, and friendly – Joe’s Coffee Company always has service with a smile, as well as freshly brewed coffee and a selection of homemade cakes. This cute cafe is a lovely little spot to get off the street and refuel not just with their products but with the energy here too. Swing by and see what fresh cakes they have on offer by visiting the address below.

Address: 1045 Lexington Ave

New York, NY 10021


Everyone loves a visit to a coffee shop and it is even better when you receive the quality and service you are hoping for, well, all of the above tick all the boxes so pay them a visit when you are in the neighborhood!