Best Michelin Star Restaurants near New York City, New York

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New York City currently holds the record for the city with the highest number of Michelin star restaurants in the United States, so you are completely spoiled for choice! There some daring and innovative foods out there waiting for you to find them, and we have made this process a little easier for you by compiling a list of a few of the highest-rated Michelin restaurants in New York City.

Le Bernardin, Manhattan

This French seafood fusion restaurant has held a 3 Michelin star rating for the past 13 years, a feat achieved by few other places in the world, on top of this it has frequently won awards and has often been included in critics’ lists of top restaurants in the world. The inside is as you would expect, there is a certain elegance and charm, topped off with soft background music which adds to the overall ambiance. The head chef, Eric Ripert, has also been the winner of awards in his fields, and deserve all the praise he receives; he has truly brought a taste of Paris to New York, with the smoky flavors and delicate textures of each dish. There are several menus to choose from, including a chef’s tasting menu, which is a great choice if you are not sure what to choose, as you will get to experience the best of the best. Le Bernardin is a place of excellence, but with a welcoming feel that puts you at ease, the prices are certainly reasonable for a 3 Micheline star restaurant, you can have a fine-dining evening without it costing an arm and a leg. Le Bernardin isn’t reservation only, however, it is always better to book in advance to avoid disappointment, you can explore their menus more and make a reservation here –

Chef’s Table At Brooklyn Fare, Manhattan

Another restaurant worthy of the hype that surrounds it is this top quality Japanese spot; previously located in Brooklyn, it managed to be the only restaurant outside of Manhattan to have a 3 Michelin star rating, and although it moved to Hell’s Kitchen a few years ago, the 3 star rating is still firmly in place. The restaurant itself says they focus on the freshness of ingredients, to always provide simple but delicious food. The restaurant has an open kitchen, and diners sit around the bar in a square, which make seem unusual at first, but it provides an open yet intimate setting. Watching the chef prepare the food is like watching a show, it is very skillfully prepared, and you find yourself feeling ever-increasing hunger as the copious amounts of smells head your way. The drinks choices are varied, including non-alcoholic, and you can ask for recommendations depending on what you are eating. Chef’s Table At Brooklyn Fare is the height of sophistication, and worth a visit, go to their website to make your reservation.

Gabriel Kreuther, Manhattan

After holding on to a 1 Michelin star rating for three years, in 2019 Gabriel Kreuther was upgraded to a 2 Michelin star restaurant. The menu specializes in German cuisine but with a French and American fusion, the flavors are complex and bold, to say the least, but there is no denying that it works, and it works well. While it is a Haute cuisine standard place, they take a more relaxed approached when it comes to the dress code, of course, dress well, but don’t feel like you need to go ut and rent a tux, they say themselves that they want patrons to feel comfortable. The interior is ultra-modern, making it feel impeccably clean, and even just the bar is a nice place to sit. As a bonus, they offer a cheaper menu called the pre-theatre menu, perfect for if you want to grab a bite on your way to a show, check out the variety on offer and reserve your table here –

New York City is absolutely bursting with great food, and memorable fine-dining experiences, so whatever you are in the mood for, you will find a restaurant to blow your mind.

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