Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Pennsylvania Station NY

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Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Pennsylvania Station, New York City, NY, is like nothing else in the world. The message of Pride is displayed boldly and proudly in a rainbow of colors and the atmosphere sparkles throughout the Penn Station area and further throughout the entire city area; it is certainly the place to be. Below, we have put together a guide on the beginnings of Pride Month and how it is celebrated in Pennsylvania Station, NYC, nowadays.


Not only across The US but all across the world members of the LGBT community have been targeted and persecuted for an endless amount of time, with New York City being no exception. Back in the 1960’s, it was common for LGBT people to fall victim to the bias and prejudice of the NYPD and were often arrested or used for extortion.

In the early hours of June 28, 1969, the police once again raided the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village NY, but this time the patrons decided to take a stand against the police and their unlawful ways. That night the Stonewall Riots began, starting with just a few people and grew over the coming weeks into a momentum that united members and allies of the LGBT community.

Because of those riots, every June, cities all over the world come together to spread the message of love, inclusivity, equality, and, change.


New York has a whole heap of events across the city throughout June to celebrate Pride. From small intimate gatherings to hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets – check out a few of the highlights below.


On the last Sunday of June, the Pride Parade begins and as the birthplace of pride, you can expect to see the biggest show in the US, perhaps even the world. It begins midday at 26th Street and Fifth Avenue and makes its way throughout key points in the city before finishing at 23rd Street.

Whether you want to walk in the parade itself or stand on the sidelines and watch and enjoy the costumes, floats and, dancers; everyone is welcome. The festivities are felt throughout the entire day and the city comes alive in a rainbow of colors.


The station itself is a worthwhile trip, decorated in the inclusive colors of the pride flag, you will also find posters educating people on the pride movement, drag acts, dancers, singers, performers and so much more to enjoy and immerse yourself in.


Some of the best places to experience Pride Month are the LGBT bars and clubs in the area. They are alive with electricity all year round, but they come even more alive during Pride Month.

REBAR CHELSEA – 225 West 19th Street

A fun and lively gay bar with big-name DJs, drag acts, and more in a chic atmosphere.

TROY AFTER HOURS – 250 West 26th Street

A college dive bar, famous for its after-hours party scene is the place to be late at night in the city.

BARRACUDA BAR – 275 West 22nd Street

A gay bar and lounge that hosts drag shows, acts and, performances.

New York City is a bustling city any time of the year but celebrating pride in Penn Station is truly a bucket list experience for everyone.

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