Ebike Rentals in New York City

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New York City has legalized electric bicycles, also known as ebikes, and business is booming. Under previous law, ebikes needed to be registered with the state, but not now. They are classified as a bicycle not as a moped or scooter. This means ebikes are allowed to go anywhere a normal bicycle can go. What is an ebike, you ask? It is a motorized bicycle that assists the rider upon pedaling. This makes for a smoother and easier ride, both up hills and across rugged terrain.

While registration and driver’s licenses are not needed to operate an ebike, state law requires children under 14 to wear a helmet at all times.

To rent an ebike, check out Fancy Apple, which rents two kinds of ebikes. They rent the Wing Freedom 26” and also the Wing Freedom S 20”. Both of these bikes have the same rental fees, and they are as follows:

$18 for 1 hour

$34 for 2 hours

$48 for 4 hours

$58 for the day

$78 for 24 hours.

The difference between the all-day rental and the 24-hour rental is for all-day, you must return the ebike at the end of the business day, but with the 24-hour rental, you get the ebike until the following day.

Another shop is Bike and Roll NYC. They rent ebikes for either 2 hours or 4 hours, and their fees are $40 for 2 hours and $60 for a half-day (4 hours). This shop requires a security deposit of $50 upon rental, and only accepts credit cards at this time. Refunds are not available for unused rental time. If you’d like to reschedule your rental time, you may upon availability of your preferred ebike.

One of our recommended bike paths would be the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. This 31-mile trail circles around the entire island of Manhattan. The majority of this ride is along the waterfront, ensuring lovely views of the city as well as nature. Not only does this path allow you to see Manhattan, it is also used for commuting to and from different neighborhoods around the island. This bike path is the most-used bike path in the United States.

Another wonderful trail in NYC would be Prospect Park. This trail is much shorter at 3.35 miles, yet it is not on surface streets and free of all cars on the weekends. This trail also has a dedicated bike lane, so you won’t have to worry about pedestrians or joggers as you ride. The route is gorgeous, however, and you will not regret taking a tour of it. Trees and foliage abound, as well as bridges and other lovely architecture sure to delight anyone who rides here.

Do something new during your stay in New York City. Renting an ebike is fast, fun, and affordable!

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