Ebike Rentals in Times Square, New York City

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Renting an ebike is getting more popular these days. Ebikes are bicycles with small motors that assist the rider upon pedaling for a smooth and easy ride. These ebikes make it fun and almost effortless to tour the city from two wheels. These ebikes are classified as normal bikes by the state of New York, which means they can go wherever a normal bike can go. However, New York law states that children 14 years and younger must wear a bike helmet while operating an ebike.

If you’d like to rent one, we have a couple of recommendations around Times Square. First up is Bike Rent NYC. This shop rents ebikes for $30 per hour. All rentals come with a helmet, a lock, and a map of the city. This shop is located at 203 W. 58th St., and also offers bike tours if you’re so inclined.

Another option for you would be Bike and Roll NYC, also known as Unlimited Biking, located at 56 W. 56th St. They rent their ebikes for $40 for 2 hours, or $60 for 4 hours (or a half-day). All kinds of bicycles are available for rent here, including ebikes. Every rental also includes a lock, a helmet, and a map of the city. Their minimum rental time is 2 hours.

Due to Times Square being blocks away from Central Park, we suggest you ride the Central Park Full Loop on your newly rented ebike. This path is 6.1 miles from start to finish and you must ride it counterclockwise while giving all pedestrians the right-of-way. If you’ve never seen the glory of New York’s Central Park, you do not want to miss this trail which showcases the gem of this city.

If you want something different, we recommend the Hudson River Greenway. This path is 12 miles long and stretches from Battery Park City to the George Washington Bridge. If you love gorgeous scenery, this is the path for you. Not only will you enjoy the cool breezes off the river, you’ll take in the sweeping New York City skyline as well. If you want to see the city itself, don’t miss this path.

The best part about having a map of the city and riding your ebike anywhere a normal bike can go is that you’re not limited to bike paths and trails while on your stay in New York City. Have an adventure and cruise the city streets, take in Times Square in all its glory, ride past Carnegie Hall, do a circuit of Central Park. With an ebike, you won’t have to worry about getting too tired when riding long distances, which means you’ll have much more fun than you would on a regular bicycle.

If you’re staying in NYC for any length of time, make sure you rent yourself an ebike and see the city in a whole new way!

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