International Meals for Delivery in New York City to Quell Your #Wanderlust

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Most of us are experiencing major wanderlust these days as the pandemic has prevented everyone from traveling as much as they would like. A creative way to explore other countries without even leaving your apartment is by delving into authentic cuisine. If you’re located in New York City, you probably know you’re surrounded by amazing international food options. Here are some restaurants with pickup and delivery options so you can sample the world’s many flavors and stay safe from COVID, too:

China: The Handpulled Noodle

There are few takeout options more comforting than Chinese food, but at The Handpulled Noodle, you’re bound to find some less-familiar options, too. This restaurant specializes in Northwest Chinese food, which is known for robust flavors and spices, hand-pulled noodles unique to the Xinjiang region, and Ding Ding noodles, a regional specialty kind of like gnocchi.

Japan: Sushi Noz

Chef Noz was born in Japan, where he studied the centuries-old Edomae sushi style. Sushi prepared this way uses rice traditionally flavored with vinegar and both aged and fresh fish. When you order for delivery, be sure to check out their sake selection, as well. Sushi from here is on the high-end side of the spectrum, so save this one for a night that you want to really splurge and treat yourself!

Ethiopia: Bunna Café

Ethiopian food traditionally consists of traditional injera bread eaten with an assortment of stews, curries, and meats. Bunna Café puts a plant-based spin on this cuisine and has both dinner and brunch menu items ready to delight your senses. If you love the food and want to try your hand at Ethiopian-style cooking, be sure to check out the coffee, tea, and spices they sell online.

South Africa: Kaia Wine Bar

Have you always wanted to see Cape Town? Then spend an evening unwinding with wines made in South Africa! And don’t worry, there’s plenty of delicious food to be paired with the extensive wine selection at Kaia. They offer appetizers like fishcakes and peri peri deviled eggs as well as main dishes inspired by Capetonian street food.

France: Boucherie

Sometimes when you’re looking for a wanderlusty culinary experience, you don’t need to break too far from traditional Western cooking styles. Boucherie hits the spot with classics like duck leg confit, red wine braised beef, and hot onion soup topped with gruyere. To make it all the more convenient, this French bistro has several locations around Manhattan.

Bolivia: Bolivian Llama Party

Maybe you can’t safely go hiking through the Andes Mountains anytime soon -that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yummy Bolivian food. This food stand is known for its meat-stew-filled pastry pockets called salteñas, but also makes hot honey fried chicken, desserts, and more.

Mexico: Tulcingo Del Valle

If you’re feeling a bit spicy, you’re going to need to turn up the heat with Mexican food. If you order online from Tulcingo Del Valle’s webpage, you’ll get free delivery. This restaurant has been striving for quality since day one, with handcrafted tacos, 100% fresh meat, and all-natural ingredients.

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