Outdoor activities near Pennsylvania Station New York NY

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New York City experiences humid and uncomfortable summers each year, and as the opposite of that, the city also experiences some painfully cold days in the winter. However, don’t let the cold weather stop you from going outside, this city is just as magical during the winter as it is int he summer, and you’re not going to know that if you stay in the coziness of your own home each year. Check out our guide below for some of the things to do near Pennsylvania Station New York NY in the winter to help motivate you to get outside.


Snowboarding probably isn’t the first winter activity that springs to mind when you think about New York City, in fact, for many, they wouldn’t even believe that you could snowboard here. Well great news, you can. Every year in Central Park a festival is held called the Winter Jam, and during this festival, anyone can come and take part in snowboarding lessons! Even if you have never done it before, it’s a great experience and one not to miss.


Sometimes, you just have to stop, breathe, and give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is no better place to do this than in Central Park, and just because the snow has come that doesn’t mean you should avoid it until Spring. Central Park is breathtakingly beautiful in the winter, and there are still facilities and amenities open throughout this time so you will still have things to do while you trudge along in the snow seeing the park like never before.


If there is a day when you want to get outside but can’t bear the thought of being int he cold, then it’s the perfect time to head to the New York Botanical Garden. You can step inside the wonderfully warm greenhouse and admire the 250 acres of the stunning garden from afar – or up close if you manage to build up the courage to step outside and have a walk around this place.


Even though you might be able to see the night sky a little better during the clear warmer months, that doesn’t mean the stars aren’t worth looking at during the winter. There are plenty of options for star-gazing tours near the city, where you can go outside of the urban area and see the night sky in full. Braving the cold is well worth it to see the stars in all their glory.


New York City goes hard when it comes to Chinese New year, it is probably one of the biggest dates on the city’s calendar, and they sure know how to make it special. In January, join the crowds, listen to music, easting traditional food, marvel at the decorations, and enjoy the fireworks, and the celebrations as felt all over the city. This may be a one-off activity each year, but it’s worth counting down for.

Even on the coldest of days, you will always be able to find things to do outside in this Marvellous city. This place was built to entertain people, and you won’t go a day without finding something new to do.

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