Renting Ebikes Near Carnegie Hall, New York City

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Looking for something new to do on your stay in New York City? Why not rent an ebike? Electric bikes are gaining ground in cities across the country as the great new way to enjoy a good bike ride. Ebikes are bicycles outfitted with a small electric motor which assists the rider upon pedaling. This makes for a fun and smooth ride no matter if you’re going up hills or across rocky terrain. The state of New York classifies ebikes just as they do normal bicycles, which means ebikes can go wherever they go, on city streets as well as bike paths. All children 14 years and younger, however, must wear a bike helmet.

Where can you rent an ebike near Carnegie Hall? Thankfully we have a few suggestions. First up, we have Fancy Apple, a bike shop that’s literally right across 7th Avenue! This shop rents two different ebikes to choose from, the Wing Freedom S 20” and the Wing Freedom 26”. Their rental fees for both are the same and are as follows:

$18 for 1 hour

$34 for 2 hours

$48 for 4 hours

$58 for the day

$78 for 24 hours

A day rental must be returned by the end of business day, but a 24-hour rental can be returned the next day. Each rental at Fancy Apple comes with a lock, a map, and a helmet, all you’ll need for your ride around NYC!

Another shop we recommend is NYC Adventure Ebikes. It is only a few blocks away from Carnegie Hall on Amsterdam Ave. This shop has several options for ebike rental hours. They are as follows:

$30 / 1 hour

$60 / 2 hours

$90 / 3 hours

$150 / All day

NYC Adventure Ebikes also provides helmets with each ebike rental.

Since Fancy Apple is so close to Central Park, we suggest riding the Central Park Full Loop. This trail is 6.1 miles and one of the best bike rides this city has to offer. If you’ve never seen Central Park in all its glory, there is no time like now. All riders must ride this path counterclockwise around the park, and pedestrians always have the right-of-way. Don’t miss this path, paradise in the middle of town!

Another amazing ride is the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. This trail is 31 miles long and encircles the entirety of Manhattan. You’ll ride right along the waterfront while enjoying the landscape of the towering New York City skyline. This trail is also used for commuting between neighborhoods, and of all the bike paths in the United States, this one is the most traveled.

Consider renting an ebike on your next stay in New York City and seeing the sights from two wheels. You’ll have a wonderful time with minimal effort and go on a grand, new adventure!

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