Best Coffee Shops in Newark NJ

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The next time you are wandering around Newark, NJ, and your coffee craving kicks in, then you will know exactly where to go fo the best coffee in the city, because below we have listed the best coffee shops in Newark, just for moments like those.

Black Swan Espresso

Let’s dive right into number one, Black Swan Espresso sells a range of specialty teas and coffee, and they are surely going to leave you wanting more. This place is upscale and trendy but not overpriced, and the service and quality of drinks you receive are well worth the price. They are in a great location so check them out at the address below.

Address: 93 Halsey St

Newark, NJ 07102

TM Ward Coffee Co

TM Ward Coffee Co is a prime example of why going to an independent cafe is always so much better than going to a chain. Here you receive outstanding service with a personal touch, and the coffee is of a far superior quality than you would find in a brand coffee shop. If the coffee is something you would like to have at home, then you can also buy the beans they use and have some of the best coffee every morning before even leaving the house.

Address: 944 Broad St

Newark, NJ 07175


Intrinsic Cafe

Intrinsic Cafe has a fantastic mix of specialty drinks on offer, in order to cover you whatever mood you are in. They have bubble teas, coffee, slushies, energy drinks, and a selection of food. This place is vibrant and lively and is a nice spot to re-energize yourself. Read more on them at the link below.

Address: 5 Sussex Ave

Newark, NJ 07103


Pao Da Terra Bakery

For something a little different in Newark, head to Pao Bakery and immerse yourself in some Portuguese Culture. Bringing a little taste of Portugal all the way to New Jersey, the owner has managed to deliver some of the best quality, and freshest tasting Portuguese baked goods and drinks you will ever find. It is the perfect spot to try something that you maybe haven’t experienced before and you will no doubt want to come back for more. Portugal has some of the best food in the world, and you can try some for yourself here, so the next time you are in the area pop in and say hi!

Address: 135 Ferry St

Newark, NJ 07105

Caffe Margherita

As you may have guessed from the name, this cafe serves authentic Italian goods. From pastas to pizzas, sandwiches, and sweet treats, they have the Italian menu covered well. Everything is freshly prepared, and the prices make it great value for money. This is a nice little cafe to pop in and grab a bite to eat, and a cup of fresh Italian coffee.

Address: 1 Gateway Ctr

Newark, NJ 07102

Don’t let the stress of the city get you down, swing by one of the above recommendations the next time you need a boost, and you will be ready to face the day.

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