Best Michelin Star Restaurants near Newark, New Jersey

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New Jersey has not yet been graced with the honor of the Michelin inspectors, therefore, as of right now there are no Michelin star restaurants in the state; however, there are still plenty of high-quality cuisines for you to sample, and as you will read in our list of top-rated restaurants according to Yelp, Newark has a glorious Western Mediterranean theme.

Casa d’Paco

Spanish food is the name of the game in Casa d’Paco, and it is a game in which they truly excel; this tapas bar and restaurant brings an authentic taste of Spain to Newark with classic dishes such as squid, empanadas, chorizo, patatas bravas and so much more. Chef and owner, Angel Leston, says that his aim is to give his customers what they deserve with fresh ingredients and dynamic cooking, taking inspiration from his parents who were masters of the industry when he was a child; Angel takes just as much pleasure from preparing the food as his diners do eating it. It is a perfect restaurant with old-school hospitality that makes you feel at home, the whole experience in Casa d’Paco is a fine one. Reservations are not needed but you can read more about Angel’s story and see the menu available on their website.

Fornos de Spain

Fornos de Spain it a true little gem to find; it may not be Michelin but that doesn’t mean that one day it can’t be, it is an upscale restaurant steeped in elegance, providing all the delicacies you would find in Spain, with all the same deep flavors. Their award-winning menu has a lot of options, so it is advisable to go hungry as you will want to try as much as possible, although they don’t skimp on portion sizes so be careful not to over order! All the food is seasoned to perfection and deserves the fantastic reviews it receives both from diners and local critics. As a nice touch, they also serve the Spanish branded drinks you would find in your local in any Spanish town. You can see the full menus and their photo gallery on their website here –

Sabor Unido

Moving a little to the west in Europe, you will find Portgual; a country, much like Spain, famous for its unbelievably good food, well, fortunately, Sabor Unido manage to replicate it, and even do it justice. After opening, they were met with great success and a large clientele, so a couple of years ago they added a few traditional Brazillian dishes to their menu, too, and have combined the two cultures perfectly in both the food and restaurant interior. It is definitely a solid option if you love this cuisine, but also a fantastic option if you have never tried it before, in fact, it is the best place to be if you want to experience authentic Portuguese and Brazillian food. Seeing the menu is enough to make you want to visit, so check it out on their website and be sure to pop in next time you’re around –

When the majority of restaurants in an area focus on a limited number of types of cuisine, it can be hard to choose where to go, especially since all the Mediterranean restaurants in Newark are highly praised. However, see it as a bonus, that regardless of where you go to eat, you can be guaranteed to have an exceptional time.

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