Cinco de Mayo Celebrations near Newark, NJ

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Cinco de Mayo Celebrations near Newark, NJ 

Newark. A beautiful city known for being the most populous city in New Jersey, for having the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the United States, for being the second largest city in the New York metropolitan area, for being the United States third oldest city, and its wide array of things to do, the city of Newark is a city that exudes excitement! After the spring season has arrived, people all over the globe look forward to the exciting holiday of Cinco de Mayo and all of the events that come along with this wonderful holiday. With that being said, the city of Newark offers numerous opportunities to join the fun and celebration of Cinco de Mayo! Let’s explore the city of Newark and find out how this city celebrates this beloved holiday! 

Mi Pequeno Mexico 

When looking for a place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the city of Newark, a hidden gem that you should treat yourself to is Mi Pequeno Mexico. Mi Pequeno Mexico is a Mexican restaurant located in the city of Newark that offers a great place to start your 

Cinco de Mayo celebration. The menu of Mi Pequeno Mexico includes delicious tacos that can be topped with chicken, fish, pork, and other, more extensive cultural toppings such as cow tongue or steamed goat. Why not try these abnormal toppings during your Cinco de Mayo Celebration as it is a great way to experience the hispanic culture like

you never have before! There are also daily specials and seafood options as well, giving you a wide range of options. Start your Cinco de Mayo celebration at Mi Pequeno Mexico for delicious cuisine and an authentic experience that serves to celebrate this special holiday!  

Hell’s Kitchen 

Another wonderful food option when looking for places to stuff your belly along with celebrating Cinco de Mayo is Hells Kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen is a restaurant located in the city of Newark and boasts good food and good times. Hell’s Kitchen is known for their drinks called Dia de los Muertos, which translates to day of the dead. This drink consists of a blend of Cabo Wabo reposado, chili pepper, and a lime. Hell’s Kitchen also offers Taco Tuesdays, so if you feel like getting your fiesta on either before or after Cinco de Mayo, Hell’s Kitchen is always a wonderful option for you! 

Taqueria Morelos 

For an authentic experience in light of Cinco de Mayo, Taqueria Morelos is a great option. Taqueria Morelos is a Mexican restaurant located in Newark New Jersey and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner Tuesday through Sunday. Taqueria Morelos menu offers traditional prepared food such as tacos, burritos, and Tortas. If you are feeling particularly bold, you may want to try a more unusual taco, burrito, or Torta, such as one that is stuffed with pork ear or cow tongue. This wonderfully authentic restaurants food

is all home made, and really captures authentic Mexican food like no other, making it a perfect choice to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and hispanic culture.

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