Our Favorite Festivals Around Newark, NJ

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Newark. This hub of the Tri-State area is carving out a name for itself, between the growing activities, influx of business, and new arrivals, Newark is increasingly becoming a destination- and with good reason. Whether a tourist drafting an itinerary or a curious local, both will find that Newark has so much to offer, and more with each year. Read on for some of our favorite autumn festivals and events around Newark, and get ready to explore!

Brazilian Day

One of the major communities in cosmopolitan Newark is the Brazilian-American community, which proudly celebrates Brazilian culture in every aspect with the people of Newark! On Brazilian Day, visitors can enjoy Brazilian song, dance, arts, cuisine, and storytelling in a welcoming and joyful manner. Groups for Samba, Candomble, and dancers reminiscent of the Carnaval of Rio take the streets of Newark in a dazzling and captivating display of color and sound. Famous faces like Mileide Mihaile, Sergio Marone, and Eduardo Pazzini take the stage over Newark, and there are also plenty of interactive opportunities for locals and visitors, including dance classes, fitness classes, social programs, and a gospel show. Brazilian Day is a great way for visitors to get to know Newark in a memorable and cheerful way and not just the Brazilian-American community, but everyone that is connected in Newark. 


New Jersey Devils Games

Home of ‘The Rock of Prudential’, Newark’s Prudential Center means that visitors won’t have to travel far to attend the electric and intense atmosphere of an NHL game! Home of the New Jersey Devils, visitors can don the jersey of their choice and brave the rock to root on the collisions, goals, and action of an NHL game through three periods. The vigor and energy of the Devils’ home game truly is an experience visitors should seize while in Newark for the season.


Puerto Rican Day Parade

Another major community of the Tri-state area is the Puerto Rican community, also known as ‘Nuyoricans/Newyoricans’. Every year, Puerto Ricans of the Newark Area put on an immensely proud and festive celebration of Puerto Rican culture with the city, at the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Here, visitors can try endless Puerto Rican foods such as pasteles, tripletas, jibaritos, alcapurrias, mofongo, mhuleta kan-kan, alfajores, bizcochos and the famous piraguas. Groups of dancers and musicians fill the streets of Newark with Merengue, Bolero, and Reggaeton and the fiercely proud Puerto Rican heritage. Visitors of all backgrounds will enjoy the Puerto Rican Day Parade immersing themselves in and learning about Puerto Rican culture and the character of Newark’s community as a whole. 


New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

A relaxing and inspiring addition to any plans in Newark is the autumn schedule of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Enjoy fine dining and some of the most talented musicians in the Tri-State area with the rare opportunity of attending the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. For those looking for the fine arts on this side of the Hudson, Newark has this amazing option. 


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