Spa Retreats in Newark, NJ

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Newark. A beautiful city known for being the most populous city in New Jersey, for having the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the United States, for being the second largest city in the New York metropolitan area, for being the United States third oldest city, and its wide array of things to do, the city of Newark is a city that exudes excitement! A wonderful idea after a long day of exploring any city would be ending your day with a luxury spa retreat. With that being said, the city of Newark offers numerous places to refresh and rejuvenate yourself! Let’s explore the city of Newark and find out the best spa resorts that you should check out! 

Nadia’s Full Service Salon and Spa 

When in Newark, a wonderful place to visit when looking for a spa for your spa retreat in the city of Newark is Nadia’s Full Service Salon and Spa. As the name suggests, Nadia’s Full Service Salon and Spa is a one-stop shop for all of your cosmetic and spa needs. Nadia’s Full Service Salon and Spa is the city of Newark’s day spa and offers exceptional customer service, which is apparent upon entering its doors. Nadia’s Full Service Salon and Spa is constantly growing and has a lot to offer. The spa offers numerous treatments for both your body as a whole and skin. Nadia’s Full Service Salon and Spa also offers packages that are suitable for weddings and gifts. The salon has a lot to offer as well, with treatments using a multitude of natural products that

include organic hair care and ammonia-free hair color. Book your appointment with Nadia’s Full Service Salon and Spa and have your hair, skin, and body thanking you! 

European Day Spa 

If you are looking for a place to heal and rejuvenate your skin, European Day Spa is an excellent choice! Located in Broadway, Newark, European Day Spa is a full service spa that looks to soothe and bring out the beauty in each of their guests. The European Day 

Spa has plenty to offer different services such as muscle relaxing messages, a full nail service such as pedicures and manicures, and a full-featured lounge that will accommodate your hair needs. Located a few miles from downtown Newark, European Day Spa is a great choice when looking to treat yourself when spending time in the city of Newark. 

Rejuve Day Spa 

A wonderful and elegant spa to visit when visiting the city of Newark is Rejuve Day Spa. Rejuve Day Spa is a spa based in Newark that exudes peace and elegance and is made apparent as soon as you step into the lobby. Rejuve Day Spa offers numerous treatments such as hair specialties, waxing, facials, nail care, and messages. Rejuve Day Spa truly does it all, and is sure to accommodate anyone’s needs when looking to

treat both their body and hair. Book your appointment with Rejuve Day Spa and feel and look better than when you walked in! 

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